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Google Assessments

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Founded in 1988 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google is one of the world’s most well-known technology companies. Initially providing internet browsing through its search engine: Google Search , the company has grown and, through acquisitions and partnerships, now offers services and products for every aspect of modern-day work and home life.

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Google situational judgement test

To better understand the way you prefer to behave in workplace situations, candidates are asked to sit a situational judgement test.

Questions in the test take the form of scenarios that you are likely to encounter when working at Google. You are asked to either select the response from the list that best describes how you would react in the given situation or rank the list of responses according to your workplace preference.

When sitting a situational judgement test, it is essential to answer the questions honestly, going with your gut instinct when selecting your response.

Google mechanical reasoning test

Individuals who have applied to specialist roles may need to complete a mechanical reasoning test as part of their online assessments. This test focuses on the assessment of a candidate’s technical knowledge and understanding in practice.

Questions may be asked on all forms of mechanical principles and concepts such as mechanical systems, levers, or pulleys. You may also be required to name or identify parts or components within a mechanical system, detailing their purpose or function.

The questions are generally presented as diagrams, with candidates selecting which of the multiple-choice answers given is correct.

Google virtual chats

Those who are successful at the online testing stage will be invited to participate in one or more short virtual chats. The aim is to gain a better understanding and insight into a candidates’ skills. The chats are held by phone or video call with a recruitment team member, then with the hiring manager for the area you have applied to.

These chats are often seen as an initial screen; those candidates that can demonstrate through examples that they have the skills needed for the role will move through to the final stage of the process: the in-depth interviews.

Google in-depth interviews

Google’s in-depth interviews allow recruiters to meet virtually or in-person with candidates to determine whether they have the skills, passion, and interest for a role at Google. Candidates typically take part in 3 - 4 interviews in one day, meaning the process is comprehensive in assessing your skills and competencies in relation to the role you have applied for.

Google’s interviews follow a clear set of rubrics enabling every candidate to be assessed according to the same criteria. The company believes that this approach encourages candidates to show what makes them distinctive through their past experiences and their skills.

Interview questions tend to be open-ended in their format, allowing you to demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and how you approach work-based situations such as team working. This format also means you can highlight your strengths when sharing your answers.

As the final stage of the Google application process includes several interviews, you get the chance to meet different representatives from the organisation. Getting to know their different perspectives on working at Google means you can also find out more about the culture, workplace, and opportunities at the organisation.

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Sample Google Tests question Test your knowledge!

If you are tasked with debugging code that sorts a list, which logical reasoning approach is most effective for identifying the problem?

  • Checking the run-time efficiency of the code
  • Evaluating each line of code to ensure the sorting algorithm is implemented correctly
  • Reviewing the color scheme of the user interface
  • Analyzing the marketing strategy for the code's deployment

An algorithm is processing 450 search queries per minute. If the processing power is doubled, at the same efficiency, how many search queries per minute would the algorithm be able to process?

  • 675
  • 900
  • 1000
  • 1800

After reading the executive's email, it can be inferred that the primary concern for the next quarter is:

  • Improving the company's public image
  • Cutting costs on digital marketing
  • Optimizing the ad delivery system
  • Increasing the number of advertisements

What is the likely result if a lever arm is shortened on one side of a fulcrum while keeping the weight the same?

  • The lever will be easier to lift
  • The lever will be harder to lift
  • The lever's weight capacity will increase
  • The balance of the lever will not be affected

A project team must select a server from a set of four options. Each server has a different factor that contributes to the overall network efficiency. Which option should be selected to maximize efficiency based on the data provided?

  • Server A
  • Server B
  • Server C
  • Server D

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Google Tests Tips

1Get to Know the Format

Familiarize yourself with the structure and types of questions you’ll encounter. Knowing the test format beforehand saves time and reduces stress on the big day.

2Simulate Testing Conditions

Practice under conditions that mimic the actual test environment. This can include timing yourself and limiting interruptions to build up your testing stamina.

3Don't Rush, Prioritize Accuracy

Take the time you need to understand each question. It’s important to be both swift and accurate, but incorrect answers could cost you more than an extra minute spent on double-checking.

4Use Elimination Tactics

When facing multiple-choice items, eliminate clearly wrong answers first. This increases your chances if you need to guess and helps to clarify the right option.

5Stay Positive and Confident

Confidence can greatly influence performance. Believe in your skills and preparation, and maintain a positive mindset throughout the test.

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Google Tests FAQs

What are the Google tests?

Google tests are a series of assessments used during their hiring process to evaluate technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and cultural fit for the company.

Are the Google tests hard?

The difficulty of Google tests can vary, but many candidates find them challenging due to the level of technical expertise and critical thinking required.

How do I prepare for Google tests?

The best preparation for Google tests is thorough practice. Using Practice Aptitude Tests, you can access a wide range of practice materials tailored to the types of questions you’ll face.

How long does the recruitment process take at Google?

The recruitment process at Google can be extensive, often taking several weeks to months, depending on the role and number of interview rounds.

What are Google's core values?

Google’s core values emphasize innovation, respect for users’ privacy, using information to make services more useful, and the importance of great people in their workforce.