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British Airways Tests

British Airways Tests

  • 18 tests
  • 217 questions
British Airways Tests

British Airways is the flag carrying airline of the United Kingdom

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British Airways Diagrammatic / Logical Reasoning Tests

The diagrammatic and logical reasoning tests comprise of questions relating to sequences of shapes and patterns. In each question there will be a missing step and you will be provided with a number of answers to choose from. They help to measure your logical thinking and problem-solving and are also timed.

British Airways Personality Test

This is like the SJTs and is likely to be asked depending on the role you are applying for. You will be given various scenarios and will be asked to rank your answers.

British Airways Group Exercise

The group exercise is designed to test your people skills and how you work within a group. You will be required to provide possible solutions to a given problem regarding scenarios you may find in the organisation’s work place and usually related to the job role you are applying for. You’ll be placed in groups and will be assessed on how you interact in groups. Make sure to find a happy balance between being dominating and passive.

British Airways Presentations

You will be expected to give a short presentation and a subject provided. You will be given time to prepare and will be allowed to take prompts in with you. The subject may be given to you in advance or on the day but you will be given time to prepare. This will be assessing your public speaking and presenting skills as well as how you perform under pressure during questions following your presentation. This may also be in the form of a case study.

British Airways Role Play

The British Airways role play will be an individual exercise whereby you’ll have a role play with the assessor focusing on various situations that you may be faced with at the organisation. You’ll have a short time to prepare and you’ll be assessed on how you deal with the situation given.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with British Airways. We provide preparation services for British Airways psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample British Airways Tests question Test your knowledge!

After reading the given text, determine the primary reason for the implementation of the advanced ticketing systems.

In view of the competitive airline market, carriers are increasingly adopting advanced ticketing systems. These systems are not only designed for efficiency but also aim to gather valuable data on travel patterns, preferences, and even spending habits to tailor services accordingly.

  • To limit the number of flights available.
  • To reduce operational costs significantly.
  • To enhance the customer service experience by personalizing services based on data analysis.
  • To ensure compliance with aviation regulations only.

An airline company has introduced a new pricing strategy which has increased passenger numbers by 20%. If the original number of passengers was 36 million, what is the new number of passengers?

  • 40.2 million
  • 42 million
  • 43.2 million
  • 45 million

A flight consumes 3.5 liters of fuel per kilometer. How much fuel is needed for a journey covering 1,500 kilometers?

  • 4,500 liters
  • 5,250 liters
  • 6,000 liters
  • 7,500 liters

During the boarding process, efficiency improved by reducing the average time spent by each passenger to 55 seconds from 1 minute and 10 seconds. For a full jumbo jet with 400 passengers, how many minutes have been saved with the new boarding process?

  • 40 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 100 minutes
  • 200 minutes

After reading the passage, which conclusion is best supported?

In view of the competitive airline market, carriers are increasingly adopting advanced ticketing systems. These systems are not only designed for efficiency but also aim to gather valuable data on travel patterns, preferences, and even spending habits to tailor services accordingly.

  • Sustainability in the airline industry is independent of customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction of carbon emissions does not require advanced tracking systems.
  • Passenger preferences are irrelevant to flight patterns.
  • The airline industry is augmenting efforts to balance sustainability with customer needs through advanced systems.

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British Airways Tests Tips

1Understand the Airline Sector

Gain a firm grasp of the airline industry’s dynamics, including customer service, safety protocols, and the impact of global events. This knowledge will help you tailor your answers to reflect British Airways’ values and challenges.

2Sharpen Your Analytical Skills

Engage in exercises that bolster your data interpretation and critical thinking capabilities. British Airways tests are likely to assess how well you can analyze information, a key skill in navigating the complexities of modern airlines.

3Brush Up on Maths and Logic

Polish your numerical reasoning and logical thinking by solving puzzles and practice questions. Accuracy and speed are crucial, so work on both to ensure you’re ready for the variety of questions British Airways may present.

4Invest Time in Practice Tests

Make the most of Practice Aptitude Tests’s comprehensive suite of preparatory exams. Familiarize yourself with the structure and time constraints of the actual tests you’ll face when pursuing a career with British Airways.

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British Airways Tests FAQs

What are the British Airways tests?

British Airways uses a series of tests designed to identify candidates who possess the aptitude to handle air travel’s complexities. These tests often include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and situational judgement exercises.

Are the British Airways tests hard?

Like any selection process, the British Airways tests represent a challenge, aiming to find the best fit for their rigorous environment. Thorough preparation can significantly smooth the difficulty curve.

How do I prepare for British Airways tests?

To prepare for British Airways tests, it’s essential to engage in regular practice. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a variety of preparation tests that mirror what you will encounter when applying.

How long does the recruitment process take at British Airways?

The recruitment process at British Airways might differ based on the role. It typically involves several stages over a few weeks, including online tests, interviews, and assessment centres.

What are British Airways's core values?

British Airways’s core values revolve around excellent customer service, safety, and innovation, all while fostering an environment where employees take pride in the company’s heritage and work ethic.

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