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Axa Tests

Axa Tests

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Axa Tests

Axa is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, helping people for almost 300 years.

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Axa Group Exercise

This type of exercise is designed to test your people skills and how you work within a group. You will be required to work within a group to solve a problem or answer a question that is provided by the assessors.

You’ll be placed in groups and will be assessed on how you interact. Make sure to find a happy balance between being dominating and passive. The assessors are looking for someone who can contribute but not take over.

Axa Presentations

You will be expected to give a short presentation on a subject provided. This will be given to you at the assessment centre but you will be given time to prepare and will be allowed to take prompts in with you. This will be assessing your public speaking and presenting skills.

You will also be expected to answer questions following completion of your presentation. Ensure you read widely prior to the assessment centre about the organisation and industry.

Axa Written Exercise

You’ll be given material to read, usually a type of case study relating to the company, and be expected to write a report. This will be to assess your written communication skills as well as grammar and vocabulary and how you would deal with given scenarios in the workplace.

Axa Role Play

Axa’s role play exercise will be based on a scenario provided and you will be assessed on your behaviour, your knowledge and the way you handle certain scenarios. It will be relating to a type of situation that you would be faced with in the job and might be with a customer or a colleague; you will be briefed on the day.

It may also relate to the case study from the group exercise. The assessor will be looking at how you perform under pressure so ensure to be prepared.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Axa. We provide preparation services for Axa psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Axa Tests question Test your knowledge!

A social media strategy report states that 'engagement rates on our insurance advice articles dip during holiday seasons.' What could be inferred from this statement?

  • Articles are more engaging during holidays
  • Reader interest in insurance is consistent year-round
  • The audience is less interested in insurance topics during holidays
  • The quality of articles decreases during holidays

If the total cost of healthcare consultancy fees increased by 15% over the past year and the new total is $69,000, what was the cost before the increase?

  • $60,000
  • $75,600
  • $65,000
  • $60,000

During a client onboarding session, you read in the policy handbook that 'all claims must be substantiated by proper documentation.' What does this imply about the company's approach to claims processing?

  • Documentation is considered optional
  • Clients are trusted on an honor system
  • Claims are processed based on documentation alone
  • Proper documentation is required to validate claims

In a claim adjustment process, imagine a sequence where each claim is assigned a digit that represents the number of steps involved in its verification. If the sequence of numbers is 3, 6, 9, 12, what would be the next likely number in the series based on the pattern?

  • 14
  • 15
  • 18
  • 21

If an underwriting department approves 70% of the applications it receives, how many applications were approved if 350 were submitted?

  • 245 applications
  • 250 applications
  • 235 applications
  • 275 applications

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Axa Tests Tips

1Know Your Stuff!

Familiarize yourself with common types of questions you’ll encounter. From logical reasoning to verbal aptitude, getting to know the format beforehand will boost your confidence.

2Simulate Test Conditions

Practice in a quiet environment with a strict time limit. This will help you adapt to the pressure of the actual test and improve your time management.

3Stay Calm and Focused

Tests can be daunting, but staying relaxed will help you think more clearly. Take deep breaths and approach each question methodically.

4Review and Reflect

Go over practice tests to identify areas for improvement. Reflect on mistakes to avoid them in the future.

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Axa Tests FAQs

What are the Axa tests?

AXA tests are a variety of assessments designed to measure a candidate’s aptitude in areas relevant to the job. They typically include questions on numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and situational judgement.

Are the Axa tests hard?

The difficulty of AXA tests can vary based on the position you’re applying for and your own strengths. While they can be challenging, they are designed to assess your true potential in job-related skills.

How do I prepare for Axa tests?

The best way to prepare for AXA tests is by practicing. Familiarizing yourself with the types of questions will help you improve. Luckily, Practice Aptitude Tests offers a wealth of practice tests suited to AXA’s assessment format.

How long does the recruitment process take at Axa?

The length of AXA’s recruitment process can vary, but it generally involves several stages including aptitude testing, interviews, and possibly assessment centers, which can take several weeks to complete.

What are Axa's core values?

AXA’s core values include integrity, customer first, courage, and one AXA. The company seeks individuals who embody these values and can contribute to a collaborative and innovative team environment.

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    November 13, 2021


    Feedback: adding numbers to the charts that are always there would enhance the experience for test takers.

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    May 27, 2021


    Not what I was looking for but good practice

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    May 03, 2021

    Time limit

    I think the time limit is somewhat tight (or maybe my speed is slow).