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American Express Tests

American Express Tests

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American Express Tests

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American Express Assessment Center

If you successfully pass the American Express aptitude tests you may be invited to an assessment center to complete a range of skill-based activities.

American Express Group Exercise

You will be given a group task, usually involving a meeting or business scenario that you will be expected to provide solutions for within the team. You’ll be assessed on how you perform within the group, whether you show strong leadership skills or better support skills. You must be careful to strike a balance between dominating the group and being too passive.

American Express Presentations

You will be expected to give a short presentation on a subject provided. You will be given time to prepare and will be allowed to take prompts in with you. This will be assessing your public speaking and presenting skills as well as how you perform under pressure during questions following your presentation. This may also be in the form of a case study.

American Express Role Play

The role play will be based on a scenario provided and you will be assessed on your behaviour, your knowledge and the way you handle certain scenarios. It will be relating to a type of situation that you would be faced with in the job and you will be required to think quickly. Ensure you have a good background knowledge of the company and its values.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with American Express. We provide preparation services for American Express psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample American Express Tests question Test your knowledge!

A recent graduate in a credit assessment division must determine the order of tasks to approve a new credit line. They observe that if Task X is done, then Task Y follows but can be skipped if Task Z is successful. If Task Z fails, which tasks must the graduate complete for approval?

  • Only Task Y
  • Both Task X and Task Y
  • Task X only
  • Neither Task X nor Task Y

A financial analyst is reviewing the quarterly revenue growth rates for a selection of products. In Q1, product A had a revenue of $120,000, which increased by 15% in Q2. If the same growth rate continues, what will be the revenue of product A in Q4?

  • $158,700
  • $150,000
  • $152,250
  • $169,575

An intern at a financial institution has been tasked with forecasting the next year’s budget based on the previous year's monthly expenses. If last year's total expenses were $1.2 million and there is an expected inflation rate of 3.5%, how much should the intern allocate for next year’s total expenses?

  • $1,242,000
  • $1,300,000
  • $1,235,000
  • $1,210,000

During a project meeting, a team was reviewing the performance of two investment portfolios. If Portfolio A increased by 8% over the past 12 months and Portfolio B increased by 10% in the same period, and the initial value of both was $100,000, what is the total combined value of both portfolios at the end of the 12-month period?

  • $218,000
  • $220,000
  • $208,000
  • $200,000

In the sequencing task for a project management tool, a financial advisor noticed each task could start after the previous task was completed. If Task A took 5 days to complete, Task B took 30% longer than Task A, and Task C took half the time of Task B, how many days in total were needed to complete all tasks?

  • 14.5 days
  • 15 days
  • 16.5 days
  • 17 days

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American Express Tests Tips

1Get to Know the Format

Familiarize yourself with the types of questions you’ll encounter on the American Express tests. Understanding the structure can greatly improve your speed and accuracy.

2Simulate the Test Environment

To get comfortable with the test-taking environment, find a quiet space and practice under timed conditions. This helps you manage your time effectively during the actual test.

3Review Basic Concepts

Brush up on fundamental skills, like mathematics and logical reasoning, that are commonly tested. Solidifying your foundation can boost your confidence.

4Rest and Relax

Ensure you get plenty of rest the night before the test. Being well-rested can improve focus, concentration, and performance on test day.

5Stay Positive and Confident

Maintain a positive mindset and believe in your abilities. Confidence can influence your test-taking strategy and help you perform to the best of your ability.

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American Express Tests FAQs

What are the American Express tests?

American Express uses a series of assessments designed to evaluate a candidate’s skills and aptitudes relevant to the job they’re applying for. These may include numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, and verbal comprehension tests.

Are the American Express tests hard?

The difficulty of American Express tests can vary depending on your proficiency and preparedness in the areas assessed. Some candidates may find them challenging, while others may not, but thorough preparation can improve your performance.

How do I prepare for American Express tests?

Preparing for American Express tests involves consistent practice and familiarity with the test format. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a range of practice tests that mirror the actual American Express assessments to help you prepare effectively.

How long does the recruitment process take at American Express?

The duration of the recruitment process at American Express can vary based on the role and the number of applicants. It generally encompasses several stages, including aptitude testing, interviews, and group exercises.

What are American Express's core values?

American Express values high standards of customer service, integrity, and financial strength. The company seeks individuals who align with these principles and can contribute to a culture of inclusivity and respect.

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    A completely different view of solving questions

    It's all based on a similar formula, but the application was unique. It was great and I loved answering such a fun test!

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    July 29, 2021

    Not that hard

    At first I found it difficult, but later on the test was easier. There was lots of heavy calculation.