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adobe assessment

Founded in 1982, Adobe Inc. (formerly Adobe Systems Incorporated) is a global computer software company based in America.

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Adobe Aptitude Tests

Technical Assessment

If you do well on the phone interview you’ll be asked to take the technical assessment.

Split into two parts, it includes an aptitude and logic section which lasts 45 minutes and contains 45 questions (on areas including logical and numerical reasoning).

The second part of the test is the technical and coding section, which allows 75-120 minutes to answer 15-20 questions.

Adobe Numerical Reasoning

The test covers topics ranging from percentages to profit and loss calculation, the numerical reasoning questions you’ll encounter are designed to see how comfortable you are with basic mathematical principles, and how accurately you can work through the questions while under tight time pressure.

Adobe Situational Judgement

Situational judgement questions are designed to assess how well a candidate is likely to fit into a particular company or role, by asking them to respond to hypothetical workplace challenges.

You’ll be given a series of statements and asked to choose the reaction or response most similar to yours. This helps the hiring manager to get a better idea of your working style, and understand how well you’re likely to gel with the culture and pace of life at Adobe.

Adobe Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning questions look at how strong your comprehension and literacy skills are.

You’ll be asked to read a passage of text before answering questions on the information in front of you.

No prior knowledge of the subject is required, you’ll just need to show you can read quickly while extracting key pieces of information, as well as being able to recognise the difference between fact and inference.

Adobe Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning questions are popular in many job hiring processes.

They seek to understand how good a candidate is at using logic to solve problems, find rules or patterns in seemingly random pieces of information, and keep calm under pressure.

Usually non-verbal and non-numerical, logical reasoning questions will focus on puzzles and image or pattern interpretation.

Adobe Technical And Coding Tests

The technical and coding section of the test is designed to see how comfortable you are working with code and technical detail.

Hosted on the HackerRank platform, the test consists of starter questions on coding, before moving onto multiple choice questions where you’ll be asked to interpret the code provided for you.

It’s important to note that Adobe prefers to use Java, C and C++, but you will be able to take this section in a programming language of your choice.

While you won’t be penalised for any unanswered questions, you will be rated on how fast and how accurate you are.

Adobe Onsite Interview

The final stage of the process is the onsite interview (which will either be onsite or virtual, depending on current restrictions). It’s a long day, consisting of six-eight hours of back-to-back sessions — each one usually lasting around 45 minutes.

The day will start with four technical interviews, including two coding-focused, one on system design and one on object-oriented design.

These interviews focus on whiteboard coding, so it’s important you’re able to articulate your thought processes, explain why you made certain decisions, and talk about what you might expect an outcome to be.

This will be followed up with a final HR interview, which looks to understand your behaviours and how well you’re likely to do at Adobe.

You might be asked about your working style, how you deal with conflict or why you’re a unique candidate. As well as more traditional interview questions such as why you want to work at Adobe, and where you see yourself in five years’ time.

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Sample Adobe Tests question Test your knowledge!

If a software application's license agreement has four major points, and the third point is twice as long as the second point, which is twice as long as the first, how many times longer is the third point than the fourth if the fourth point is half as long as the first?

  • 2 times longer
  • 4 times longer
  • The same length
  • 8 times longer

You are evaluating a software release's potential revenue increase. In its first year, the software earned $3 million. If revenue is projected to increase by 5% each subsequent year, how much revenue is the software expected to generate in its third year?

  • $3.1575 million
  • $3.3 million
  • $3.15 million
  • $3.005 million

A team of developers is tasked with reducing the file size of a graphics software without impacting its performance. After optimization, the file size is 15% smaller than the original size of 520MB. What is the new file size of the software?

  • 442MB
  • 468MB
  • 410MB
  • 435MB

In a software team, four members can write a combined total of 10,000 lines of code in a week. If a project requires 25,000 lines of code, how many weeks will it take for the team to complete it if they maintain the same pace?

  • 2.5 weeks
  • 3 weeks
  • 4 weeks
  • 2 weeks

When reading the user manual for a new software application, what is the most critical aspect to grasp before beginning installation?

  • System requirements and specifications
  • The number of pages in the manual
  • The color scheme of the application
  • The index section of the user manual

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Adobe Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself With the Interface

Before diving into the testing process, take time to understand the Adobe testing platform. Knowing how to navigate through questions and use any tools provided can save precious time during the actual exam.

2Understand the Question Types

Get to know the different types of questions that might appear on the Adobe exams. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a variety of such practice questions to help you get a feel for what you’ll face.

3Time Management Is Key

During practice sessions, work on dividing your time effectively across questions. This will help you maintain a comfortable pace and complete all questions within the allocated time during the actual test.

4Rest and Refresh Before the Test

A well-rested mind performs significantly better. Ensure you’re not only mentally but also physically prepared on the day of your Adobe test for optimal performance.

5Stay Calm, Stay Confident

Confidence comes from preparation. Use Practice Aptitude Tests to solidify your skills, then go into the exam with a positive mindset, knowing that you’ve done the work.

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Adobe Tests FAQs

What are the Adobe tests?

Adobe’s tests are designed to evaluate a variety of skills including problem-solving, technical knowledge, and cultural fit. They help to gauge whether a candidate will thrive in Adobe’s innovative environment.

Are the Adobe tests hard?

The difficulty of Adobe tests can vary based on your familiarity with the content. They challenge candidates’ abilities, but with adequate practice, they become more manageable.

How do I prepare for Adobe tests?

The most effective way to prepare for Adobe tests is through consistent practice. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a plethora of practice tests designed to mimic those used by Adobe, setting you up for success.

How long does the recruitment process take at Adobe?

The recruitment process duration at Adobe can vary depending on the role and number of applicants. Generally, it involves multiple stages including tests and interviews which can take several weeks.

What are Adobe's core values?

Adobe’s core values center on creativity, innovation, and inclusion. They seek individuals who are not just technically skilled but also align with these principles, fostering a collaborative and progressive workplace.

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    Aptitude test

    i want to thank this platform for helping in my practice test i found this amazing although the questions were tricky but i tried my best to solve the rest. This helps as eye opener for how the aptitude tests will be conducted, i hope this will helps me tomorrow and proof helpful