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Admiral Tests

Admiral Tests

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Admiral Tests

Admiral is a car insurance specialist founded in January 1993.

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Admiral Written Exercise

You’ll be given a written exercise, similar to the group exercise, where you will be given materials to read briefly prior to writing up a report – your knowledge of the company will be tested so do ensure to read widely ahead of time. This will be to assess your written communication skills. You’ll be expected to analyse the data and information given and then produce a written analysis and present your findings. There will then be a time for questions from the assessor so you will also be assessed on your presentation skills.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Admiral. We provide preparation services for Admiral psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Admiral Tests question Test your knowledge!

The introduction of an innovative program led to a 12% increase in retention of staff over a 3 year period. If the firm historically had an average retention rate of 76%, what is the retention rate after the implementation of this program?

  • 88%
  • 84%
  • 76%
  • 78%

If a company's departmental budget increased by 18% from the previous year and the amount representing the increase was $36,000, what was the total budget allocated for this year?

  • $200,000
  • $236,000
  • $180,000
  • $216,000

Critically analyze the following statement and choose the option that best infers its implication: 'The shift towards renewable energy sources will likely ensure a more sustainable corporate growth in the long-term.'

  • Corporate growth can be sustained with non-renewable energy sources.
  • Renewable energy is a trend that may not last.
  • Switching to renewable energy is beneficial for long-term corporate development.
  • Corporate growth is independent of the energy sources used.

A piece of legislation has recently been passed that changes the way companies report their financial statements. How should a company primarily respond to this change?

  • By lobbying against the legislation.
  • By updating their reporting protocols to meet the new requirements.
  • By ignoring the legislation as it may change again.
  • By decreasing investment in financial reporting tools.

An employee suggestion system was implemented at a firm one year ago. Shortly thereafter, noticeable improvements in processes and productivity were apparent. What is the most reasonable conclusion to draw from this statement?

  • The improvements were caused by factors unrelated to the suggestion system.
  • Employee suggestions are integral to a firm's success.
  • The suggestion system appears to have contributed to the improvements in the firm.
  • Implementing an employee suggestion system guarantees improvements in processes and productivity.

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Admiral Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself with the Format

Get to know the types of questions and the format of the Admiral tests. Understanding the structure beforehand can significantly boost your confidence.

2Sharper Skills, Better Results

There’s no substitute for practice. Hone your skills with similar questions to improve your accuracy and speed.

3Simulate the Test Environment

Practice in a quiet area to simulate the actual test environment. This will help you stay focused and manage time effectively during the real test.

4Rest and Recuperate

A fresh mind performs better. Ensure you’re well-rested before taking the test to help with concentration and decision-making.

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Admiral Tests FAQs

What are the Admiral tests?

Admiral utilizes a variety of tests designed to evaluate both the cognitive abilities and personality traits of candidates applying for their Graduate Programme.

Are the Admiral tests hard?

The Admiral tests can be challenging as they are devised to identify candidates who best fit the company’s needs and values.

How do I prepare for Admiral tests?

The best way to prepare for Admiral tests is to practice rigorously. Luckily, Practice Aptitude Tests offers an extensive collection of practice tests to help you get ready.

How long does the recruitment process take at Admiral?

The recruitment process at Admiral varies but can take several weeks, as it involves multiple stages including aptitude tests and interviews.

What are Admiral's core values?

Admiral’s core values revolve around innovation, communication, and commitment to providing the best service to their customers.

Reviews of our Admiral tests

What our customers say about our Admiral tests

  • United Kingdom

    March 27, 2021

    Percentage increase and decrease

    Liked that I could practice first and see workings

  • United Kingdom

    March 13, 2021

    How to work out percentages

    Mostly clear and visible info to help find solution

  • United Kingdom

    March 06, 2021

    Use estimates if not using calculator, it saves time

    Not enough time to perform the test without a calculator (as per Admiral's requirements). Relies too heavily on estimates for the closeness of some of the multiple-choice answers.

  • United Kingdom

    March 04, 2021

    Data Analysis

    Very good test, you must be able to work with fractions and percentages using data from graphs confidently in order to complete this test