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PSB tests practice

PSB Tests

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PSB tests practice

PSB (Psychological Services Bureau) tests are used to determine who will be accepted onto healthcare training programs in colleges across the US. They help to predict which applicants are best suited for a career in healthcare by assessing the knowledge, abilities and personality of each candidate.

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Format and scoring of PSB tests

First, you’ll need to register online to take the PSB test. Once you’ve done that, you can select the time, date and location that’s most convenient for you to take your test.

Often the test will be taken at the college or organization you’re applying to. You should be able to take the test on a computer or paper, but it’s worth checking beforehand to ensure you’re comfortable with the options available at your chosen location.

You won’t be allowed to bring anything other than a pencil and blank sheet of paper into the test with you. It’s also important to remember to bring your photo ID, and to ensure your name is written on your test paper exactly as it is in your registration documents.

Then, once you’ve taken the test, you can expect to receive your results.

If you’ve taken your test on a computer you should get the results instantly. Those who have opted for a paper test should receive their grade within 24 hours.

The results will be given to you in two different formats:

  • 1) A raw score – the number of questions you answered correctly (this might be shown as a percentage).

  • 2) A percentile rank – this is your ranking compared to all students who have taken the test. For example, if you get a PR rank of 80%, it means only 20% of students who have taken the test have done better than you.

Tips for taking PSB tests

Here are five tips for preparing for the PSB tests:

1. Put the work in

As with nearly all tests, practice and preparation is key if you want to do well on the PSB. There’s a lot of ground to cover in these tests, from spelling to math, so make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute. Past papers and practice questions will help you get to grips with the question style and format.

2. Do your research

As well as your academic abilities, your personality and characteristics are under scrutiny. While it’s important to be honest in the vocational adjustment index section, you should also make sure you’ve done your research into the kinds of qualities and traits that are rated highly.

3. Practice under exam conditions

Ideally you’d work through past papers in a quiet, well lit room without taking breaks or referring to your notes, just as you would in an exam. It’s also important to time yourself, so you get used to working against the clock.

4. Keep things interesting

If you’re struggling to maintain enthusiasm for more sample questions, why not try and incorporate something a little different. If it’s math you find challenging, then try a numbers-based game or puzzle. Or if it’s spelling, see if word searches or crosswords help you to engage with your learning.

5. Take regular breaks

A good schedule of preparation is important, but so is rest. To get the most out of your learning it’s essential to take regular breaks, enjoy fresh air, eat nutritious meals and get plenty of sleep. All of these things will help you to do your best on the test.


How is the PSB test graded?

Once you’ve completed the test you can expect to receive your results within 24 hours (or instantly if you’ve taken the test on a computer).

You’ll get a raw score, which is the number of questions you answered correctly, as well as a percentile rank – your score comparative to all students who have taken the test.

Can you use a calculator on the PSB test?

No, you cannot use a calculator on the PSB test.

Candidates are only allowed to bring in a pencil and a sheet of blank paper for any notes they may need to jot down.

How many times can you take the PSB test?

You can take the PSB test up to two times in one year.

It’s important to practice and prepare beforehand so you can try to ace it the first time around.

Is the PSB test hard?

The test is challenging – it needs to be to ensure only those who are ready and able for a healthcare career get to the next stage of the process.

But if you prepare effectively, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do well on the PSB.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with PSB. We provide preparation services for PSB psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample PSB Tests question Test your knowledge!

After a successful treatment, a patient exhibited none of the symptoms they had previously reported. Which conclusion is most logically valid based on this information alone?

  • The treatment may be effective in alleviating symptoms.
  • The patient was misdiagnosed initially.
  • The symptoms disappeared on their own, without any intervention.
  • Similar patients will have identical outcomes with the same treatment.

Which of the following is the antonym of the word 'concatenate'?

  • Link
  • Separate
  • Combine
  • Attach

If the cost of six syringes is $27, what is the cost of 100 syringes?

  • $400
  • $450
  • $500
  • $350

Based on the pattern of assigning a number to each letter, such as A = 1, B = 2, and so on, what is the numerical value of the word 'CARE'?

  • 29
  • 18
  • 26
  • 22

What is the next number in the series: 2, 6, 12, 20, 30, ...?

  • 40
  • 42
  • 44
  • 46

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PSB Tests Tips

1Get familiar with the format

Understanding the structure and format of PSB tests is crucial. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions and sections you’ll encounter to reduce surprises on test day.

2Focus on your weak spots

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Identify the areas that challenge you the most and dedicate more time to improving them.

3Simulate testing conditions

Try to practice under conditions that mirror the actual test environment. This includes timing yourself and working in a quiet space to build your test-taking endurance.

4Review related material

Since PSB tests are designed for healthcare careers, reviewing related coursework can be immensely beneficial. Brush up on relevant subjects to stay sharp.

5Rest and relax

Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep and a clear mind. Ensure you’re well-rested and relaxed before taking the test to perform your best.

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PSB Tests FAQs

How are the results of the PSB tests used by employers?

Employers in the healthcare field use the PSB test results to gauge a candidate’s aptitude and suitability for the industry. The scores help employers to identify applicants who possess the necessary skills and knowledge for their programs or positions.

Are the PSB tests hard?

The difficulty of PSB tests can vary for every individual, largely depending on their familiarity with the content and test-taking skills. However, with proper preparation, the tests can be approached with confidence.

What do I need to take PSB tests?

To take PSB tests, you’ll typically need a clear understanding of their format, a form of identification, and sometimes a test fee. Additionally, your chosen college may have specific requirements or instructions for the test.

What types of tests are included in the PSB tests?

PSB tests include a variety of test types, typically tailored to assessing the skills necessary for a healthcare career. These can range from verbal and non-verbal reasoning to math and science knowledge, among others.

Where can I practice free PSB test questions?

The best way to prepare for PSB tests is practice, practice, practice! You can find a variety of free PSB test questions and practice tests right here on Practice Aptitude Tests. This is an excellent resource to familiarize yourself with the test format and content.