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PiCompany focus on advanced online assessment and development tools, and talent analytics. They provide companies with the ability to identify talent, select it and develop it further.

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How to prepare for a PiCompany Connector Ability test

Understand the test format

The PiCompany Connector Ability test is designed to evaluate your ability to identify links between different concepts, words, or images. Research the test format and the types of questions that may be presented to help you familiarize yourself with the test.

Practice similar types of questions

Practicing similar types of questions to those that may be presented in the PiCompany Connector Ability test can help you develop your skills and familiarize yourself with the format. There are many free practice tests available online.

Work on problem-solving skills

Developing your problem-solving skills can help you identify connections and links between different concepts more easily. Focus on improving your critical thinking and analytical skills.

Manage your time effectively

The PiCompany Connector Ability test is usually timed, so it is important to manage your time effectively during the test. Practice pacing yourself so that you can answer all the questions within the given time limit.

Be familiar with the industry and the market

Stay up-to-date on industry trends and current events that may impact the organization and the job position.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with PiCompany. We provide preparation services for PiCompany psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample PiCompany Tests question Test your knowledge!

Analyze the following statement and identify the conclusion that logically follows: 'All managers at a firm have completed leadership training. Christina has completed leadership training.'

  • Christina is definitely a manager at the firm.
  • Christina may or may not be a manager at the firm.
  • Christina has not completed leadership training.
  • Only managers have completed leadership training.

If the sales figures for the first quarter are $20,000 and there is a quarterly growth rate of 5%, what would the sales figures be for the third quarter?

  • $21,000
  • $22,050
  • $22,500
  • $23,000

After reading the following excerpt, determine the author's primary argument: 'In today's economy, firms pivot more rapidly than ever before. Traditional models of business longevity are outdated. Agility and innovation are the new currencies of success.'

  • Business longevity is essential for success.
  • Agility and innovation are secondary to traditional business models.
  • Traditional business models no longer ensure the longevity of a firm.
  • The economy is less important than business agility.

Read the statement and determine which of the following inferences is most supported: 'The healthcare industry is consolidating, with larger healthcare systems acquiring independent practices.'

  • Independent practices are growing at the same pace as larger healthcare systems.
  • The number of independent practices is likely increasing.
  • There is a trend towards fewer, larger healthcare providers.
  • Larger healthcare systems are becoming independent practices.

A company has four departments, each with a different number of employees. If the total number of employees is 120 and the ratio of employees in each department is 3:2:2:1, how many employees does the largest department have?

  • 45
  • 40
  • 30
  • 60

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PiCompany Tests Tips

1Get Familiar with the Format

Before you even start preparing for PiCompany’s assessments, make sure you understand the format inside out. Spend some time on Practice Aptitude Tests exploring the types of questions you might face. Knowing what to expect can help ease test-day jitters and boost your confidence.

2Brush Up on Basics

Many online assessments test core skills like numeracy and verbal reasoning. To shine in PiCompany’s tests, revisit the basics. If it’s been a while since you juggled percentages or dissected paragraphs for meaning, Practice Aptitude Tests has resources to help you refresh your memory.

3Simulate Test Conditions

Practicing under conditions that mimic the real test can be a game-changer. Time yourself. Avoid distractions. Create an environment similar to the test center. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a simulation mode that mirrors what you’ll experience on the day of your actual assessment.

4Analyze Your Practice Results

After you practice, take the time to thoroughly review your answers. Where did you stumble? What are your strengths? Self-analysis helps you pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts. Turn to Practice Aptitude Tests’ detailed answer explanations to understand why you got an answer wrong or right.

5Work on Your Weaknesses

Identify the types of questions you find most challenging and tackle them head-on. If data interpretation isn’t your strongest suit or you stumble with logical reasoning, devote extra time to those areas. Practice Aptitude Tests can help tailor your practice to make your weaknesses your strengths.

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PiCompany Tests FAQs

Is the Connector Ability test hard?

The difficulty level of the Connector Ability test can vary from person to person depending on their cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. The test is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to identify connections between different concepts, words, or images. Some people may find this type of test challenging, while others may find it easier.

What industries use the Connector Ability test?

The Connector Ability test is used in various industries such as management, marketing, consulting, finance, accounting, and technology.

What type of questions are on the Connector Ability test?

The test may present candidates with sets of words or images and ask them to identify a link or connection between them. The test may be presented in various formats, such as multiple-choice questions or open-ended questions.

Where can I practice Connector Ability tests?

There are multiple online resources available to help you prepare for your Connector Ability test, including free practice tests here on this website. We recommended you work through all of these to familiarise yourself with the format and improve your critical thinking skills.

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  • Belgium

    June 08, 2023

    Got kind of overwhelmed at the start

    Getting overwhelmed at the start is a good thing. Once I got a reading on all the data presented, things clicked.

  • Poland

    April 14, 2021

    Short on time

    Checked mainly on how to compute percentages and ratios

  • United States of America

    January 20, 2021

    First practice test was tough

    It was tough for sure, but it definitely helped me understand what to expect on the actual test.