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Skilled technician, mechanic or tradesperson looking for a new role? It’s likely you will be asked to undertake a CAST (Construction and Skilled Trades) test as part of your application process. Developed by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the test has been designed to measure how suitable you will be for a technical role.

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Graphic arithmetic

You will have 30 minutes to complete 16 questions in your CAST Graphic Arithmetic test. The test is designed to understand how proficient you are in solving arithmetic problems such as multiplication and division in long sequences from the information presented in two drawings.

It’s never quite as simple as running through a sequence though we’re afraid, oftentimes the two images and information presented will be missing key numbers, and the question asks you to figure out what they are.

All 16 questions are multiple-choice, and later questions may ask for answers based on an earlier image or calculation. So be sure to pay attention and stay focussed throughout.

Mechanical concepts

This section of the test is shorter at 20 minutes but consists of 44 multi-choice questions. Meaning your attention to detail and ability to work under pressure will be put to the test, as well as your natural instinct for mechanical troubleshooting.

The mechanical concepts section is where you will be required to demonstrate how skilled you are in core mechanical principles including, but not limited to, gears, gravity, shapes, pulleys, centrifugal force and levers.

If you’re already a skilled mechanic or tradesperson, the chances are, you will be knowledgeable enough in all of these principles. But having less than 30 seconds to read and answer each question isn’t a lot of time. Practising CAST tests under timed conditions will help you prepare for the speed required and allow your skills to shine through.

Reading for comprehension

Whilst you might be applying for a hands-on technical job, having the ability to comprehend passages of written information is crucial, as often safety advice and equipment instructions will be delivered in this format.

In the reading for comprehension section of your CAST test, you will be presented with 4 long passages of text and expected to answer 8 questions for each of them. That’s 32 questions, and you have 30 minutes to complete this.

It’s recommended to take your time initially reading through each paragraph rather than skimming through. The 8 questions will be looking for detail, and without absorbing that on the initial reading, you may waste time having to go backwards, or even get the question wrong.

Mathematical usage

Mathematical usage is the shortest of the tests at only 7 minutes for 18 multiple-choice questions.

This CAST test section is looking to measure what level of basic mathematical skill you have and will ask you to answer questions based on relational information, for example, 1 kg = 1000g. Inviting you to scale these calculations based on decimals, fractions and percentages.

If given more time, the mathematics being tested may not seem too challenging, but the sharp focus required of a participant adds considerable pressure. We recommend not dwelling on any one question for too long. If you’ve brushed up on your mathematics and practised, simply trust your instincts.

How to prepare for the EEI CAST Test

The EEI CAST test will challenge you across several disciplines and you need to be able to continue adapting to succeed. The content and the structure are the fundamentals, and while the content, meaning the specific questions, will change, the structure and style of questions always remain the same.

Practising questions and tests will sharpen your ability to adapt throughout the real test and highlight gaps in your knowledge. You should try to spend time looking at your results and seeing where and why you got something wrong - you then know you need to revise or practise this further.

Lastly, don’t panic. If you have done all the revision, practise, research and familiarisation we’ve discussed there is nothing to panic about, and it will only slow you down or cloud your judgement. Stay calm, and succeed.

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Sample EEI Cast Test question Test your knowledge!

An engineer is studying a sequence of operations to improve efficiency. If the pattern of steps taken is RST-RS-RSTT-RS, what is the likely next sequence of steps?

  • RSTT
  • RST
  • RS
  • STT

If the force to compress a spring is directly proportional to the distance it is compressed, how much force is required to compress the spring 8 inches if 4 pounds of force compress it by 2 inches?

  • 16 pounds
  • 8 pounds
  • 4 pounds
  • 12 pounds

In a lever system, if the resistance arm is twice the length of the effort arm, what is the mechanical advantage of the lever?

  • 0.5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 4

A technician has to solve an equation as part of a calculation on electrical current. If I represents the current in amperes and V is the voltage, which equation should be used to solve for the current when the voltage is 12 volts and the resistance is 4 ohms?

  • I = V / 4
  • I = V x 4
  • I = V + 4
  • I = V - 4

During a financial review, a technician calculates that the profit margin of an electrical component has reduced by 15% compared to the previous year, standing now at 20%. What was the profit margin last year?

  • 35%
  • 20.75%
  • 17%
  • 23%

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EEI Cast Test Tips

1Get Familiar with Test Format

Understanding the format of the EEI CAST examination is crucial for success. By familiarizing yourself with the types of questions and sections you’ll encounter, you can go into the test feeling prepared and confident. Use Practice Aptitude Tests to get a clear idea of what to expect.

2Understand the Material

While the CAST test evaluates general aptitudes, reviewing basic principles related to technical roles can be incredibly helpful. Refresh your knowledge on mechanical concepts, mathematics, and reading comprehension to ensure you’re on solid ground.

3Timed Practice

Time management can make or break your test performance. Practice working under timed conditions to get a good feel for how long you can spend on each question. On Practice Aptitude Tests, you can simulate timed test conditions to improve your pacing.

4Review Your Mistakes

It’s not just about practicing; it’s about learning from the practice. After taking timed practice tests, review the answers—especially those you got wrong. Understand why they were incorrect to avoid repeating the same mistakes on the actual CAST exam.

5Stay Relaxed and Rested

Your mental and physical state can greatly affect your performance. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the day of the test, and try to remain calm and collected. Anxiety can obscure your natural aptitudes, so focus on staying relaxed.

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EEI Cast Test FAQs

What is a good score on the EEI CAST Test?

This is entirely dependent on the company you are working with and the role that you are applying for. Whilst the higher you score on the index will directly impact how likely you are to get hired, different companies will have different expectations for what good looks like.

Can you use a calculator on the EEI CAST Test?

Calculators are not permitted in EEI CAST tests. We advise practising for your exam without a calculator to feel more comfortable and equipped to succeed on your own.

How is the EEI CAST Test graded?

Your scores from all four sections of the test are combined into one index score, which ranges from 1-10, 10 being the highest. Where you sit on this index score reflects how probable it is that you will be able to successfully carry out your job.

How long is the EEI CAST Test?

The CAST test lasts for 1 hour and 27 minutes, but you can often be given up to 2 hours by testing centres to allow for participants to enter, receive instruction and begin. In total, the test has 4 sections and 110 questions to answer, with each section allowing a different amount of time to answer.

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  • United States of America

    April 27, 2022

    Pretty easy after the practice

    Didn’t take much effort and straight to the point but haven’t gotten my results yet so I’ll see how I did :)