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talent q logical test

Talent Q Elements Logical Test

  • 10 tests
  • 100 questions
talent q logical test

The Talent Q Elements logical test is one of the most popular logical reasoning tests used by recruiters. It’s designed to assess your logical and analytical skills, while measuring how quickly and accurately you’re able to identify abstract patterns.

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Free example Talent Q logical questions

Get a jump on the competition and start practising your logical reasoning skills now. Here are two example questions in a similar style to what you’ll encounter on a Talent Q test. Answers follow the questions.

Once you’ve tried these, move on to our full length, free logical reasoning tests.

Example Question 1

Which of the 5 options comes next in the sequence?

talent q logical test

Solution The triangle dictates which block is unshaded with the next turn. The remaining blocks remain shaded.

So the answer is C.

Example Question 2

Which of the 5 options comes next in the sequence?

talent q logical

Solution The unshaded arrow dictates a decrease of one half-circle in the following frame with every turn. The arrow is unshaded every first and fifth frame with each turn. The arrow is shaded every second, third and fourth frame with each turn.

So the answer is D.

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Are Talent Q tests hard?

In short, yes. The test is designed to be challenging and will adapt to continuously challenge you, no matter how skilled you are with logical reasoning. This is what helps recruiters identify the best candidates. Ensure you practise and prepare for the time-restricted format.

How are Talent Q logical tests scored?

Talent Q tests are scored comparatively, meaning there is no pass or fail mark. All applicants’ results are gathered and compared against each other. This takes into account how advanced each candidate’s set of questions was versus a simple normative scoring system.

How long is a Talent Q logical test?

The test is made up of 12 questions, with a maximum answering time of 75 seconds per question. This makes for a maximum test time of 15 minutes, though an average completion time for the logical reasoning test is approximately nine minutes.

Can you fail a Talent Q test?

Talent Q tests cannot be failed. All tests are adaptive, meaning you will be served easier or harder questions based on whether you answered the previous one correctly. Therefore your score will only show the level at which you were able to correctly answer questions.

How can I improve my logical reasoning?

Practice really is the best way to improve your logical reasoning. Doing so will help you step into your real test confident in the process, able to answer questions in time and with accuracy.

What's the difference between Talent Q and Korn Ferry tests?

There is no difference between Talent Q and Korn Ferry assessments. Talent Q Elements Logical Tests are administered by Korn Ferry, the contents remain the same.


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Talent Q Elements Logical Test Tips

1Read the questions carefully

It’s important to have a clear understanding of what the question is asking of you. There may be distractors within the data, or multiple-choice answers to throw you off track, and answering incorrectly due to having misinterpreted the question is a common fault.

2Follow the instructions

Clear instructions on how to complete the questions, including the correct way to answer them, will always be provided. Take time to familiarise yourself with this guide before starting any practice questions, so as to avoid errors.

3Practice logic every day

Online practice tests aren’t the only way to sharpen your logical reasoning skills. Activities such as sudoku, chess and crossword puzzles are an interesting and effective way to engage your logical skills.

4Work out your answer first

When assessing the stimulus, try to come to your own conclusion before looking at the multiple-choice selection. If you do not have a reasonably strong idea of what the answer will be, the distractors are likely to influence your reasoning and lead to an incorrect answer.

5Be prepared for any set of questions

Each test is unique and simulated to adapt to your answers as you progress. Just because you have answered with a certain rule, this doesn’t mean it won’t appear again, even in the very next question. Remember, these tests are designed to challenge your mental agility to its capacity, so don’t be put off by intentional tricks.

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Reviews of our Logical Reasoning tests

What our customers say about our Logical Reasoning tests

  • United Kingdom

    June 30, 2022

    Great warm up

    It felt a bit simple but I haven't checked my results yet so I could be wrong overall it was a good warm-up for thinking in terms of patterns.

  • India

    June 25, 2022

    keep a calm head and you will crack it

    the patterns and symbols have a unique connection to it and it really warms your brain up while trying to find it pretty easy to be honest it was my first attempt at any such test in a while :)

  • Philippines

    June 25, 2022

    I believe it is important to know that how my logical reasoning ability can be in this free test

    This test is I think new for me because it is consisting boxes with one another and the test asks me what is next in the sequence. While observing what's the next in the sequence I noticed that my brain is doing a deep understanding of what's the next choice.

  • Viet Nam

    June 23, 2022

    From Coca-Cola website

    I love it, it has a clock, when I take the exam, I can manage each time per question easily. A new form of test. It is helpful for me and everyone who wants to practice attitude tests before applying to a company. Thank you so much.

  • Zambia

    June 19, 2022

    Simple yet profound

    Interesting patterns that require careful thinking. They may look simple but are confusing. You may get all questions wrong if you are not careful.

  • South Africa

    June 16, 2022


    You have to know the pattern and what the boxes have in common. You have to be certain about the pattern before making a decision or choosing an answer.

  • Australia

    June 15, 2022

    Repetitive but good practise

    I liked the style initially, and it was therapeutic to notice the pattern with things rotating around. But it was similar from question to question.

  • India

    June 14, 2022

    Overall Good

    Good experience in showing a logical approach in solving each and every question mentioned in the examination.

  • Sweden

    June 13, 2022

    Don't get stressed

    Design is not very appealing for the eyes. Shapes should of course work for taking the test, but still they could be more modern and appealing.

  • Philippines

    June 09, 2022


    It's really important that you focus on the patterns, so you can understand better what is the correct answer.