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Klarna logic tests

Klarna Logic (Kattis) Tests

  • 10 tests
  • 100 questions
Klarna logic tests

Klarna logic test, or Kattis test, is an assessment used by one of the world‘s leading fintech businesses - Klarna. This logical reasoning test is about inductive reasoning, spotting patterns and trends to predict the next in the series.

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How do you pass a logical reasoning assessment?

To pass the logical reasoning assessment, you need to be able to quickly spot a trend or a pattern and apply that to the multiple choice options to find the missing item in the sequence.

What is good logical thinking?

Logical thinking means being able to reach a reasoned conclusion by using all available information and paying attention to details. The logical thinking assessments are designed to get candidates to demonstrate that they can make fast but logical decisions with limited and unfamiliar information.

What is a good score on a Klarna Logic (Kattis) Test?

The score you need to achieve on the Klarna Logic (Kattis) Test depends on the role you are hoping for; as every candidate takes the test, the recruitment team will have a particular score or percentile that you will need to achieve to be taken further in the process. For the best results, you need to outperform other candidates while achieving a high raw score.

What logic does the test use?

The Klarna Logic Test assesses candidates in their ability to use inductive logic, so how they can draw general conclusions from specific information. This is achieved through non-verbal questions that are based on sequences of shapes that are governed by a particular rule or pattern.


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Klarna Logic (Kattis) Tests Tips


Practicing is an effective way to get to know how the test works, and what the questions will look like. You can find excellent practice tests here, and these will give you a great base for your revision.

When completing a practice test, make sure you are taking it under exam conditions - including the time limit. For many test takers, the most difficult part of the assessment is getting all the questions answered in the very short amount of time that is allotted - so the more your practice answering quickly and efficiently, the better your results should be.

The results of your practice tests should help you focus your revision - look for different ways that you can practice your logical thinking skills, such as doing crosswords and sudoku or playing brain training games on your smartphone.

2Learn from your mistakes

Don‘t worry if you get things wrong in your practice tests - that is the perfect place to make a mistake because then you have the time and ability to learn from it (and not repeat it in the real thing).

Mistakes help us develop and grow, so if you do make a mistake or get a couple of questions wrong, make the effort to learn more about the problem.

3Manage your time

Nerves, exam conditions, and unfamiliar content make taking pre-employment screening tests difficult, and if you do not manage your time effectively you could miss out on answering easier questions later in the assessment - and that could make the difference in your scores.

In this assessment, you will have less than a minute to look at the sequence, spot the pattern or rule, and choose the right answer - and with 18 questions to answer, there is a lot to think about.

What this means for you is that if you get stuck, make a calculated and reasoned guess and move on; you can come back at the end if you have time.

4Don‘t make assumptions

With that being said, remember that all the information you need to answer the question is provided. The sequence will have a rule that is used to move the figures from one frame to the next, so knowing what types of movement can be expected will help you narrow it down.

Making an educated guess is better than not answering at all, but you will not need to make an assumption or use other knowledge that you might have to answer the questions.

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Reviews of our Logical Reasoning tests

What our customers say about our Logical Reasoning tests

  • United States of America

    November 24, 2022

    Repetition of sample practice test

    I like the practice test. I didn't expect the same questions to repeat even for the timed test. So this score would not be my real score, as I already attempted these same questions while taking the untimed practice test.

  • United States of America

    November 23, 2022


    inclusive and just testing myself to see how my mind works. How well or how bad my abstract thinking is and what I can do to improve.

  • Philippines

    November 23, 2022

    sequence and positioning

    i like how i need to concentrate to figure out what is the right sequencing and patterns of the shape.

  • Germany

    November 13, 2022


    Was good, sometimes it took me a while to load the next question, but I think it´s because of my internet

  • Pakistan

    November 13, 2022

    how are logical reasoning skills

    the test was a bit tricky as i had to spend some time thinking and analysing which answers were suitable for some of the questions

  • Pakistan

    November 12, 2022

    I want to know my logical reasoning skills.

    The test was very technical and amazing, All the questions were interesting and the way they were arranged was the best.

  • Georgia

    November 10, 2022

    Quite simple, to be honest

    It's an unusual format for me, where there are not three rows with three elements, but one long row. If that's a new industry standard, things will go nice for me during the real test

  • Australia

    November 07, 2022

    Question could be more difficult.

    I really liked the formatting of this website, which had a simple interface that was minimalistic and therefore did not distract. Furthermore, I think the questions were good quality, but I think it would be beneficial to include one or two more tricky ones at the end.

  • Indonesia

    October 27, 2022

    it's hard...

    it has a different style from the other free logical test so it's unique and gave me a new perspective

  • Serbia

    October 24, 2022

    Good experience

    I like these tests. They improve our logical thinking and it is good to practice from time to time...