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canada revenue agency tests

Canada Revenue Agency Tests

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canada revenue agency tests

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the revenue service of the Government of Canada. As well as collecting taxes, Canada Revenue Agency sets tax law and associated policies and delivers benefits programs for the Canadian people.

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CRA tax center clerical test

The tax center clerical aptitude testmeasures your ability to carry out clerical tasks such as error checking. Finding a balance between speed and accuracy is important in this test, as you’ll have just 60 minutes to work through all the questions.

The questions could be about anything and everything from your basic mathematical knowledge, to your understanding of grammar and your ability to process and apply information.

Being fast, careful and methodical at the same time is challenging, but it’s an important skill to master if you want to succeed at the tax centre clerical test.

CRA writing skills test

The writing skills test is designed to assess how comfortable you are with everything from spelling and grammar, to capitalization, punctuation and structuring sentences.

Assessing skills that are crucial to many roles within Canada Revenue Agency, the writing skills test is essential for almost every office-based position. Proving you’re confident in this area will go a long way to showing a CRA employer that everything from your internal emails to external facing documents will be produced to a certain standard.

Practicing written exercises before the test is really important to ensure you’ve brushed up on your skills and given yourself the best possible chance of success.

CRA office skills test

CRA administrative and clerical positions require a candidate to have taken and passed an office skills test as part of the recruitment process.

Assessing your administrative and communication skills, your ability to check through dense passages of text for errors, how good your time management is and your confidence using different types of software, this is a multifaceted test with lots of challenging questions.

CRA video interview

After any tests required for the role have been taken, successful candidates can expect to progress to the final stage of the process — the video interview.

Designed to assess your competency, as well as your character and suitability for the role, you’ll be expected to answer each question you’re asked concisely.

Questions vary depending on the interviewer and the role you’re applying for, but it’s useful to prepare by going through common interview questions and ensuring you’re comfortable relaying key parts of your resume. It’s also important to read up on Canada Revenue Agency and have a think about questions you’d like to ask the interviewer should you be given the opportunity.

Sample Canada Revenue Agency Tests question Test your knowledge!

After examining the client's documents, it is found that reported figures for charitable donations have doubled each successive year for the past four years, starting from an initial amount of $1,250. If the pattern continues, what is the projected reported figure for the next year?

  • $2,500
  • $5,000
  • $10,000
  • $20,000

What is the total revenue in the second quarter if the revenue in the first quarter was 10% lower and amounted to $500,000?

  • $450,000
  • $550,000
  • $500,000
  • $555,555.56

A string of numbers follows a particular pattern: 112, 123, 134. What is the next number in the series?

  • 145
  • 155
  • 124
  • 135

Each invoice number consists of a 3-letter code followed by a 4-digit number. If the first invoice is coded as ABC1234, which of the following is an error?

  • ABC1235
  • ABD1234
  • ABC123
  • ABC1334

In a short text about taxation, the word 'principle' was used when it should have been 'principal'. Which sentence contains that error?

  • The agency operates on the principle of fairness.
  • Interest is calculated on the principle amount owed.
  • Understanding the basic principles is crucial.
  • The principal of the business was present at the meeting.

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Canada Revenue Agency Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself with the Format

Getting comfortable with the structure and type of questions you’ll face on the Canada Revenue Agency tests can give you an edge. Take some time to understand the typical layout and content areas before you dive into practice sessions.

2Practice Under Time Constraints

Many of the tests will be timed, so it’s crucial to practice completing them within the allotted time. This will help you manage your time effectively and get used to the pressure of a ticking clock.

3Review Basic Concepts

Brush up on essential mathematical, logical, and verbal skills. Solidifying your grasp on these fundamentals can be extremely beneficial as these areas are commonly tested in CRA assessments.

4Simulate Real Testing Conditions

Create an environment that mimics the actual test conditions. Find a quiet space, set a timer, and take full-length practice tests to build stamina and focus.

5Analyze and Learn from Mistakes

After each practice test you take on Practice Aptitude Tests, review your answers, especially the incorrect ones. Understanding where and why you went wrong will help prevent similar mistakes in the future.

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Canada Revenue Agency Tests FAQs

What are the Canada Revenue Agency tests?

The Canada Revenue Agency tests are a series of assessments designed to evaluate a candidate’s aptitude and fit for positions at the CRA. They typically cover areas such as logical reasoning, verbal ability, and numerical skills.

Are the Canada Revenue Agency tests hard?

The level of difficulty for the Canada Revenue Agency tests can vary based on the individual. However, they are intended to rigorously assess a candidate’s potential, making thorough preparation key to success.

How do I prepare for Canada Revenue Agency tests?

Preparing for Canada Revenue Agency tests involves consistent practice and familiarization with the exam types. By using Practice Aptitude Tests, you can access a variety of practice tests designed to mirror those used by CRA, helping you hone your skills.

How long does the recruitment process take at Canada Revenue Agency?

The length of the recruitment process at Canada Revenue Agency can vary, but additional time for test preparation should be taken into account. Familiarizing yourself with common testing procedures can make this part of the process smoother and quicker.

What are Canada Revenue Agency's core values?

Canada Revenue Agency’s core values include integrity, professionalism, respect, and cooperation. These values are embedded in the way CRA conducts its processes and seeks individuals who embody these principles.

Reviews of our Canada Revenue Agency tests

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  • Canada

    May 15, 2023


    It is important to skim through to extract relevant information due to time limitation. Overall it was interesting.

  • Canada

    April 07, 2023

    Great CRA employer test

    This test gave a good idea on what to expect for the CRA tests. I felt rushed initially but realised the need to practice within the time limits.

  • Canada

    April 04, 2023

    Learning customer service questions

    The good part was the passage and the related question were to the point and not very difficult to relate.

  • Canada

    March 10, 2023

    My first test was great

    I like the challenge in the question for reading, understanding and remembering to answer each question correctly. This was a good practice.

  • Canada

    March 09, 2023

    Good intel into how much time you have per question

    A good first exposure into reading the lengthy prose, while getting an idea of what you need to pay attention to when going through the questions.

  • Canada

    January 19, 2023

    Good Test

    It was the first time I took the test and it was very helpful to understand the pattern of the test.

  • Canada

    November 29, 2022


    The first scenario was a little hard to understand but it was a good challenge that was made easy once i started the test

  • Canada

    May 20, 2022

    Great For Learning

    It gives a lot of thinking to solve this question, they are very tricky but we need to be quick as the time is ticking. But it helps a lot for learning a new thing.

  • Canada

    May 10, 2022

    To read properly and spend enough time on the questions

    Pressured. However, if you are relaxed and read the articles properly and focus only on the questions asked, you will do fine.

  • Canada

    May 05, 2022

    Logic Based

    If you have a median amount of customer service experience, and a logical mindset you will have no trouble with this test.