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Psychometrics Canada Tests

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Practice Psychometrics Canada Tests

Psychometrics Canada is an assessment provider that works with over 7000 organisations.

Its tests assess employability skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication skills, as well as more specialist skill sets.

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Tests

Psychometrics Canada offers the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test (MBTI) as a paper and pencil test administered by a trained MBTI practitioner. This test is a personality test that looks at a candidate’s natural preferences against 16 of the MBTI indicator types.

Candidates complete a short questionnaire, answering the questions on how they see the world, how they like to make decisions, and gain the information that they need. This information is then measured against eight personality preferences; these preferences are then split into four and measured on a contrasting scale.

Results are presented in a report format that outlines which of the 16 personality types the candidate’s responses most align with.

Given the MBTI assessment is a questionnaire, it is worth noting that there are no right or wrong answers.

The MBTI psychometric test offered by Psychometrics Canada is a helpful tool for individuals in understanding themselves and how they behave in the workplace. For employers, MBTI is a popular tool to facilitate career and team development.

Work Personality Index test

The Work Personality Index Test offered by Psychometrics Canada is a 20-minute test consisting of 198 questions. As the test does not have to be administered by a trained practitioner, it is offered as an online version as well as a paper and pencil test.

This test can be used in different ways:

  1. As a pre-employment screening during the recruitment process, to assess whether candidates demonstrate the required characteristics required for the job.
  2. In team building, to help everyone in the team understand each other’s characteristics and preferences in work situations.
  3. For leadership development, to help future leaders better understand themselves, their strengths and development areas, and how they behave in work situations.
  4. For career development, enabling individuals to understand the way they behave and their preferences in work situations, helping them decide on best fit future roles within the organisation.

The results of the Work Personality Index Test are presented in a report format, which can be accessed via the Psychometrics Canada online portal.

Employee Reliability Inventory test

Organisations most commonly use the Employee Reliability Inventory Test offered by Psychometrics Canada as a pre-employment screening tool.

There are 80 questions in this test to be completed in 10 minutes. Questions are presented with true or false answers.

Due to the simple format of this test, the test can be accessed and completed using a mobile phone should candidates wish.

This test assesses a candidate’s integrity on the job and how they like to behave when working. Seven characteristics are evaluated as part of the employee reliability inventory test:

  1. Job commitment
  2. Safety
  3. Trustworthiness
  4. Emotional maturity
  5. Courtesy
  6. Conscientiousness
  7. Self-discipline

Results from this test are again presented to recruiters in report format. This report shows a chart that rates the candidate’s reliability in each of these characteristics from low to high.

This makes it visually clear to see how a candidate has scored against each characteristic.

Sales aptitude test

This specialised test offered by Psychometrics Canada assesses a candidate’s specific ability and characteristics in all aspects of sales.

There are 140 questions on this test, which should be completed in around 20 minutes. The test can be taken online via the Psychometrics Canada online portal.

The test measures a candidate’s ability in key areas associated with sales success, such as cold calling, closing a sale, and how a candidate views sales. In addition, other characteristics linked to success on the job are also assessed, such as diplomacy and perseverance, cooperativeness, and self-confidence.

The results are presented in report format, in the form of a chart that displays on a scale from 0 to 100 how a candidate has performed for each of these key characteristics or traits.

Which employers use Psychometrics Canada tests?

Over 7,000 employers in Canada use the tests offered by Psychometrics Canada, including IBM, Hallmark, KPMG, and the Canadian Police College.

These organisations use Psychometrics Canada’s test according to their own objectives, such as facilitating training, encouraging overall employee development, helping to facilitate an adaptable and open work culture, and ensuring global teams work together.

Tips on how to pass Psychometrics Canada tests

It is worth remembering that Psychometric Canada’s tests don’t have right or wrong answers. They are designed to assess a candidate’s work preference or type against those required for the role. Or to help with employee and team development.

While candidates can’t revise for the tests, certain things can be done to ensure that a candidate performs well on the tests:

Test environment

When taking the test, ensure that you are in a quiet room that is free from distractions. This will mean that you can focus on the questions asked.

Answer the questions honestly

Often questions are asked in different ways but are assessing the same characteristic. By answering the questions honestly and selecting the answer you believe to be best and not what you think the recruiter wants to see, the results will show an accurate picture of your abilities.

Read the question

Taking time to read the question asked will mean that you don’t go off on the wrong track when selecting your answer.

Practice the tests

Practicing tests ensures that you are familiar with the format and style of questioning. This means that you go into the assessment better prepared and with fewer nerves.

Internet connection

If it’s an online test, ensure that the place you are taking the test at has a reliable internet connection.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Psychometrics Canada. We provide preparation services for Psychometrics Canada psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Psychometrics Canada Tests FAQs

How are Psychometrics Canada tests scored?

Many of the test results are presented in the form of a bar chart. These charts show the strength of the ability, characteristic, or trait being assessed. There is no pass or fail as such with the Psychometrics Canada scores.

Are Psychometrics Canada tests difficult?

Psychometrics Canada’s tests focus on assessing a candidate’s abilities and characteristics. The tests aren’t difficult, since you are answering questions on the way that you prefer to work, your characteristics, or your behaviours.

How long is a Psychometrics Canada test?

Each test varies in length, and while there is an indicative time duration, some candidates complete the test in a shorter time.

How can I practice Psychometrics Canada tests?

Knowing which test you will be sitting and why the test is used means that you can approach the test in the right frame of mind. Some tests, such as the MBTI test, don’t offer practice tests, but it is always worth asking if practice tests are available for the tests you will be sitting.

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