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Situational Reasoning Tests

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT’s) assess how you approach situations encountered in the workplace. Whilst there is some variation in how they are delivered, they typically present you with a written description of a scenario and ask you to select the appropriate response from a multiple choice list.

They are designed to test your potential across a number of competencies. Competencies can be defined as: “An underlying characteristic of a person which enables them to deliver superior performance in a given job, role or situation.”

Our test experts have identified 8 core core competencies graduate employers are looking for following research across a variety of industries including, accountancy and financial management, consumer goods, engineering, financial services and insurance, investment banking and investment, legal, management consulting, retail and pharmaceutical. Try an example question below then upgrade to the Bundle package or the Situation Judgement package to access the full test material covering all 8 competencies.

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The Practice Aptitude Tests Graduate Competency Model model incorporates 8 core competencies. Some employers may prioritize competencies outside of the model below but it provides an excellent overview of what one might expect to be compared against when completing a SJT.

The competencies being assessed and a broad definition of each are provided below:

1. Communicating and Influencing

Relates well to others; adapts communication style to successfully influence and communicate with others. Listens to other people and communicates with impact and empathy. Communicates effectively orally, in writing and via electronic means in a manner appropriate to the audience. Successfully explains complex or technical information to non-experts. Makes an impact, putting one’s own point across with clarity and purpose.

2. Team working

Works effectively as part of a diverse team and demonstrates the ability to work collaboratively and empathetically within diverse teams. Puts the needs of the team above their own and demonstrates openness and honesty with team members. Builds a sense of team spirit by listening to, encouraging and supporting colleagues and wider team members.

3. Building relationships

Successfully networks within and outside of the organisation. Builds and sustains effective relationships within own area and across the wider organisation; forms long-term mutually beneficial working relationships with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers that support the longer term goals of self, team and the organisation as a whole.

4. Customer Focus

Strives to anticipate and understand the needs of customers. Applies their understanding of customers to ensure they receive timely and efficient service, going the extra mile in order to surpass expectations. Focuses on customer needs and levels of satisfaction in all they do; acts upon customer feedback; takes customer concerns and feedback seriously.

The remaining 4 key competencies and associated guidance is just available to our members. Become a member today and find out more about the many benefits below.

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Numerical Reasoning

Our Numerical Reasoning tests have been developed with chartered occupational psychologists who have previously worked for SHL and Kenexa.

Our professionally developed learning material contains both intermediate and advanced questions.

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Verbal Reasoning

Our Verbal Reasoning tests have been professionally written by a chartered occupational psychologist with years of experience in developing psychometric tests assessing applicants for graduate & professional jobs.

He has previously worked for SHL and Kenexa.

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Diagrammatic Reasoning

Our Diagrammatic Reasoning tests cover the two test formats most commonly used by employers in their psychometric tests.

Written by a leading psychometric test expert who has previously worked for both SHL and Kenexa.

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Situational Reasoning

Our Situation judgement tests cover 8 key competencies employers look for when assessing candidates.

Detailed explanations help you understand how employers are assessing you based on your responses to work place scenarios.

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12 months unlimited access to all questions in every category

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