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Wesfarmers Tests

Wesfarmers Tests

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Wesfarmers Tests

Wesfarmers is a major Australian corporation with operations across many brands in areas such as home and office supplies, industrial energy, chemicals, and safety supplies.

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Wesfarmers abstract reasoning test

Candidates applying to Wesfarmers roles are also asked to complete an abstract reasoning test that forms part of the general ability tests. This test looks at a candidate’s logical and lateral thinking. Questions are presented as a series of images, shapes, or patterns.

Candidates need to look at the shape and find the link between the shapes, then apply this rule to determine which of the multiple-choice answers given are correct.

There are many ways to practice for an abstract reasoning test. Looking at shapes or images in brain teasers – and then identifying a pattern between them – will help you become familiar with the format of these questions.

Wesfarmers personality test

Personality tests assess a candidate’s suitability for the role against the company’s core values. They are different from an ability test, since personality tests examine how you behave in work situations.

The test considers the elements of your character and your preferences in certain situations. It assesses how you would behave in work-based scenarios similar to the ones you would face on the job, according to the answers you select.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to personality tests. The main thing is to answer the questions honestly, without second-guessing the response you think the recruiter wants to see.

Final interview

This interview assesses candidates against Wesfarmers core values, as well as the competencies specific to the role. These are similar to many of the competencies that other graduate employers look for, such as:

  • Communication and relationship building

  • Willingness to learn

  • Time management and organisation

  • Problem solving

Interviews are generally held with a recruiter from HR or a representative from the business area.

When preparing for the interview, it is helpful to remind yourself of Wesfarmers core values, and the competencies stated in the job description. Preparing examples around these competencies means that you can evidence that you have the skills needed for a career at Wesfarmers.

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