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microsoft excel tests

Microsoft Excel Skills Tests

These tests assess your ability to use Microsoft Excel. It’s often given by employers to screen candidates who are required to be familiar with the program. There are, however, ways to prepare for the test and achieve a better score.

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Typical Excel test formats & example practice questions

Here we have an example of a typical Excel Test, similar to other practice tests available online:

Hours No. of Sales Stock Purchased Revenue
9am - 12pm 80 100 pieces £350
12pm - 4pm 110 300 pieces £2000
4pm - 7pm 200 700 pieces £4000
7pm - 10pm 100 120 pieces £300

Basic Excel test

If you’re taking an Excel Test where only basic knowledge is required, you might be asked to:

  1. Create a basic SUM formula for the total number of transactions
  2. Change the table alignment to Center
  3. Create a bar chart using some data

microsoft excel tests

Intermediate Excel test

For a test of intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel, typical questions might be:

  1. Calculate the average number of transactions in a 3-hour window
  2. Apply conditional formatting to highlight all cells with transactions greater than 120

Advanced Excel test

Finally, these would be typical questions at advanced level:

  1. Create a pivot table for monthly sales, assuming each day was the same as the one shown in the table
  2. Work out the average pieces of stock purchased per customer for each time window
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Microsoft Excel Skills Tests Tips

1Read the questions carefully

It might seem obvious, but sometimes we’re too anxious to give a question proper time and we end up misreading it. Make sure you understand the charts and the text; don’t be afraid to re-read the question multiple times. Verbal reasoning tests can be a great tool to practice your text comprehension skills necessary to take an Excel Test.

2Know what to expect

Each job needs different Excel skills. Know what the role you’re applying for requires and make sure you’re confident in those skills — they are the most likely to be tested.

3Learn keyboard shortcuts

Doing a job right is not just about the skills, but also the time it takes to complete it. An employer may want to test your knowledge of keyboard shortcuts to make sure you can go through basic tasks quickly and efficiently. Since there are time limits for most online tests, the more you can memorise the better.

4Know your maths

Of course, Excel is designed to make calculations easier, but it doesn’t hurt to know what numeric values and formulas need to be produced to get an answer - you should always double-check you’re using the program right.

Practicing how to calculate percentage increases, percentage decreases, simplify ratios and add together percentages will help you gain confidence when using Excel.

5Get an official certification

If you use Microsoft Excel regularly at work, or are thinking about pursuing a career that uses Excel, getting an official certification can make a big difference.

There are two main types of Excel certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS). MOS is the entry-level certification, while MCAS is more advanced.

Getting certified demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge to use Excel effectively. It can also help you stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs.

There are a few different ways to get certified. You can take an online course, such as those offered by Microsoft, or attend a training session at a local community college. Once you’ve completed the required training, you’ll need to take and pass an exam to earn your certification.

Video Tutorials

Percentage change

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