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Microsoft Word tests

Microsoft Word Tests

As the vast majority of businesses nowadays are computer-based, it’s important for employees to be proficient at word processing. Some employers use Microsoft Word tests as part of their recruitment process, to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of editing and formatting texts and documents.

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Typical Microsoft Word test formats

Depending on the role that you have applied for, your test will be at either Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level.

Basic level

If you are taking a basic test, you will be tested on the more simple aspects of Microsoft Word.

You may be asked to complete tasks such as changing the language, inserting headers and footers, and applying bullet points to a list.

Basic Practice Question:

You highlight some plain text and then click the button highlighted below:

microsoft word test practice question

What will the result be?

  1. The text looks like this
  2. The text looks like this
  3. The text looks like this

Solution: The text looks like this

Intermediate level

At intermediate level, you will need to know Word in greater detail. You could be asked about tracking changes in the document, saving documents into PDF format or using the Find and Replace function.

The formatting level is more complicated and you could be asked to change the page colour or the borders, or how to create SmartArt graphics.

Intermediate Practice Question:

What function would create the highlighted cells?

microsoft word test practice questions

  1. Insert new cell
  2. Insert new column left
  3. Split cells
  4. Merge Cells

Solution: Merge Cells

Advanced Level

For the advanced level questions, you need to have mastered a lot more skills, including different saving options, working with bookmarks and converting footnotes to endnotes. At advanced level, you will be tested on more expert levels of formatting the document which could involve applying themes or using indentation.

Advanced Practice Question

What is the difference between a footnote and an endnote?

  1. A footnote is at the end of the document and an endnote is at the end of each page
  2. A footnote is at the end of the page and an endnote is at the top of each page
  3. A footnote is at the end of each page and an endnote is at the end of the document
  4. They are the same thing

Solution: A footnote is at the end of each page and an endnote is at the end of each document (3).

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Microsoft Word Tests FAQs

How do you practice for a Word test?

The best way is to find some online practice tests. There are many sites that offer both the multiple-choice tests and the simulations, which will help you prepare for the real test.

Is a Microsoft Word test hard?

The test will be either Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level; if you have applied for a role well within your reach, then the test should be the appropriate level for you. Some candidates find the interactive questions easier than theoretical questions, as they have access to the program whilst answering the questions.

What are the main functions of Microsoft Word?

The main functions are to create a variety of different text documents, such as letters or articles. Although the focus is on word-processing, the program is also excellent for creating tables or visual graphics.

How are Microsoft Word tests scored?

The pass mark for the Microsoft Word test is 700. Microsoft uses scaled scores, so this means that the percentage of correct answers to pass the exam could range from 50% to 85%.


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Microsoft Word Tests Tips

1Take the time to prepare properly

Make sure you give yourself sufficient time to properly get ready for the test. You will need to have time to complete a few practice tests and to familiarise yourself properly with Word, so start your preparations in good time.

2Familiarise yourself with the role

As the tests are designed to test the skills that you would be using in your new job role, it is a good idea to make sure you know exactly what the role will entail. By doing this, you will be prepared for the types of questions that you may be asked.

3Minimise stress levels

Before taking the test, make sure you have had some time to relax. By starting the test feeling calm, you are less likely to be overwhelmed by it. If you are taking the test at home, ensure you have a calm, quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

4Master the shortcuts

Learn as many keyboard shortcuts before you take the test. Not only will this speed up your time in completing the interactive questions, but you may be asked what these are as part of the theoretical questions.

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