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Walmart assessments

Walmart Tests

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Walmart assessments

Walmart is a retail conglomerate based in the US. It makes more revenue than any other company in the world, and is also the largest private employer, with over 2 million staff.

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Walmart Teaming Employment Tests

The Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA) consists of five main sections:

  • Work with Associates

  • Manage Your Area

  • Manage Your Day

  • Tell Us Your Story

  • Describe Your Approach

This test is designed for senior roles and is part of the initial pre-screening when you first apply to a managerial or senior leadership role.

Work With Associates

These are situational questions around teamwork and scenarios you might encounter in a leadership role, where you need to choose a response to each question. To perform well, you shouldn’t just rely on your previous experience; you need to use the information you are provided to make a judgment.

Once you choose an answer you cannot change it. Walmart also suggests you answer quickly and not stall on any question.

Manage Your Area

This test relates specifically to the area you have chosen to work in. You’ll be provided hypothetical information you must interpret, which aims to replicate the decision-making you might do in the real job.

Try to work quickly, since Walmart advises the less time it takes the better, which might imply taking too long on certain questions may affect your result.

Manage Your Day

Here you are provided scenarios that Walmart’s leaders face every day, and you will need to figure out how to prioritize them. For example, you’ll need to review certain activities, decide on their urgency and then make a decision on priorities.

Tell Us Your Story

This is a biodata questionnaire, which asks questions and details about a person’s life, education, and career. These questions help support diversity rules and also help as an additional screening method.

Attention to detail is key here (even if the answer seems obvious). Try to answer as quickly as possible.

Describe Your Approach

Describe your approach is a 30+ question personality test that evaluates your style of work and management. You might find the questions ask the same thing in different ways, which is why it’s important to stay consistent with your answers.

Manager Employment Assessment (MEA)

Similar to the TEA, the Walmart MEA consists of five sections:

  • Work with Associates
  • Run Your Business
  • Manage Your Day
  • Tell Us Your Story
  • Describe Your Approach

The main difference is the Run Your Business section:

Run Your Business

This tests your ability to make managerial decisions based on business data, usually in the form of tables and charts. It will require some basic math to reach an answer.

More importantly, this test is not testing your math skills, but what to base your decisions on. The right calls will depend on Walmart’s own criteria.

Walmarts VR assessment

As well as using virtual reality (VR) to train its retail staff, Walmart has also been using VR technology to better assess candidates for higher-level positions, replacing written tests with virtual reality-based assessments.

You might be tested using a virtual simulation that examines your knowledge, instincts, and abilities. This allows Walmart recruiters to determine your ability to deal with everyday scenarios and task prioritization, and how you might handle unexpected events.

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