‘True, false and cannot say’ style questions are the most widely used in verbal reasoning tests.

You will be given a passage of text about a certain subject. The challenge here is identifying the relevant details from an array of information.

For example, the hospitality industry has provided consistent economic growth, accounting for over 12% of global Gross Domestic Product last year.

We need to work out if the following statements are true, false or neither.

Statement 1) The hospitality industry has experienced steady economic growth

Here, it is important to understand if the statement is saying the same thing as the passage. Steady growth is the same as consistent growth so we can mark this statement as true.

Statement 2) The hospitality industry performed better last year

Here, there is no mention of last year’s performance, BUT we ARE told that growth has been consistent, which means this year must have been better. This statement is therefore - false

Statement 3) Tourism experienced similar growth.

We aren’t told anything about tourism so this answer is ‘cannot say’

That’s how to approach true, false and cannot say questions.