Word swap questions asses how well you understand English in the context of a sentence or paragraph.

The most common example of a word swap is finding the wrong word in two different sentences and switching them so the two sentences make sense.

Let’s look at an example;

“it’s quite untrue fact that goldfish have terrible memory, they do in that remember quite well”

This doesn’t make sense, but we know that it will make sense if we swap two words around. To do this read the first part of the sentence and stop at the word that doesn’t make sense.

“it’s quite untrue fact…” according to English grammar fact doesn’t logically follow “it’s quite untrue”.

Let’s do the same with the second part of the example:

“they do in that…” this is where the sentence stops making sense. Let’s switch the two around

“it’s quite untrue that that goldfish have terrible memory, they do in fact remember quite well”

Well this now makes perfect sense.

When answering the question, make sure you write the two words to swap in order of how they appeared in the statement.

So here our answer would be “fact, true” in this order.