In Find the New Word type questions your task is to find one or two four letter words that are made by combining the end of one word with the beginning of the next word.

It sounds complicated so let’s take a look at an example written down:

Here we have,

Graduate, asylum and veterinary. We know we are looking for four letter words that can be made by combining parts of different words

If we just look at the end of graduate and beginning of asylum can we see any words there?


Yes we can, it’s Easy. Now let’s look at asylum and veterinary


We can’t make any new words here, which means we are only looking for one answer which we already know is Easy.

The trick with these questions is just to look at the last three letters of the first word and the first three letters of the next. It becomes much easier to find a word when you look at them this way.

Practice answering these questions quickly to make sure you get the best mark you can.