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If you wish to gain entry to the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) you will be expected to sit the Bar course aptitude test. This test is designed to evaluate a candidates reasoning and critical thinking skills that are essential to the role of a Barrister.

About Bar

The BCAT is based on the Watson Glaser critical thinking assessment, which is renowned within the law industry and other professions.

The test is an hour long and split among five sections. We have detailed each of these below:

Section 1 – drawing inferences from facts You will be presented with a short passage of information followed by statements, which could be inferred from the text. You will need to decide whether the statement is accurate based on your understanding of the passage. This will evaluate your ability to draw conclusions based on information provided.

Section 2 – recognition of assumptions You will be presented with a statement followed by an assumption. You will need to determine whether the assumption is made within the statement or not.

Section 3 – deductive reasoning You will be presented with a series of facts, which is followed by a conclusion. You will need to determine whether the conclusion is supported by the first statement.

Section 4 – logical interpretation You will be presented with a passage of information followed by a statement. You will need to determine whether this possible conclusion follows or not.

Section 5 – evaluation of arguments You will be presented with a statement followed by a number of arguments. You will need to determine the strength or weakness of each argument

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