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Walgreens tests

Walgreens Tests

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Walgreens tests

Walgreens is the second-largest chain of pharmacists in the US, with over 9,000 stores, and is a subsidiary of the global holding company, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. Walgreens specialises in filling prescriptions and selling health and wellness products.

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Walgreens numerical reasoning test

Numerical reasoning tests consider your basic mathematical skills and therefore it is always a good idea to revise your high-school knowledge, including fractions, percentages and so on.

Numerical reasoning tests will present a number of mathematical scenarios, in the form of graphs, charts, diagrams and patterns, and then pose a question with a multiple choice of answers, from which you will need to select the correct option.

Some of these can be worked out roughly, i.e. by eliminating the wrong answers. Others will require an element of arithmetic, so it is best to be prepared by practicing in advance.

Walgreens situational judgement test

Situational judgement tests are based around real workplace examples that reflect the role you have applied and the level at which you will be expected to operate, and ascertain how you might react.

The scenarios may be videos with real actors, or they may be animated, or you could be presented with a written passage. In each one, you will then have to decide how you would deal with the scenario by selecting the most – and/or least – appropriate course of action.

The scenarios will be dependent on the role, so, for example, in any customer-facing role you’d expect to have anecdotes involving customers, issues with other members of staff, and you may also find questions in relation to issues such as bribery or falsifying documents.

Walgreens in-store interview

Successful candidates are then invited to attend an interview. If it’s for a role in one of Walgreens’ stores, this will usually be conducted in the store in which you would expect to work.

This interview will be based on both your application form and you may also be required to bring along your resume for discussion. Make sure that you are familiar with all the details that you submitted in your application form, and that you have prepared suitable examples from your previous workplace experience – or other relevant roles – to adequately demonstrate your suitability for the role, as per the job description.

Remind yourself of the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique for each of your examples, so that you are able to respond confidently and without too many long pauses to think.

In an interview such as Walgreens, you would expect to be asked about customer service and community care, or a focus on health, so make sure that you have relevant examples to hand where you can demonstrate an action and result.

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    Know how to solve the math problem.

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