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Target Assessments

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Target is one of the largest retailers in the US, and one of the oldest (it was founded in 1902). It offers a variety of career opportunities and commits to bringing the shared purpose of the organization into the daily lives of its staff.

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Target phone screening interview

After successfully completing the Target Application Questionnaire, candidates are invited to attend a phone screening interview.

This interview covers a candidate’s suitability for the role, their understanding of the role they have applied for, and also checks the information they gave in the online application form.

Target final interview

This is the final stage of the process. Depending upon the role applied to, there may be multiple final interviews with different team members.

The final interview is competency-based. It assesses whether a candidate demonstrates the skills, behaviors, and attributes required for the role.

Scenario-based questions are asked. Candidates need to provide examples of situations they have been in that demonstrate they have the skills or behavior assessed.

Prior preparation for competency-based interviews is essential. Review Target’s website to familiarise yourself with the skills and competencies required for the role and the company values and ethos.

Think of examples that demonstrate the competencies required. Doing this ensures that you provide answers that showcase your skills and experience as needed for the role.

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Sample Target Tests question Test your knowledge!

You are managing an employee who repeatedly dismisses company procedures on conflict of interest citing customer relations. What is the best way to address this issue?

  • Ignore the behavior as long as the customers are happy.
  • Privately discuss the importance of adhering to company procedures for legal and ethical reasons.
  • Immediately report the behavior to human resources.
  • Warn the employee that they will be monitored more closely.

During a project meeting, you notice two colleagues discussing their respective ideas for a new display setup. They have differing opinions and the conversation is becoming heated. What is your best course of action to facilitate teamwork and collaboration?

  • Notify a supervisor to intervene.
  • Propose a compromise that incorporates aspects of both ideas.
  • Suggest that the team votes on the best idea.
  • Allow them to resolve the issue themselves without interference.

A customer approaches you with a complaint that the item they purchased last week is now on sale for a significantly lower price. They are upset and ask for a partial refund. How do you handle this situation adhering to good customer experience protocols?

  • Explain it is the store policy not to refund the difference after the purchase has been made.
  • Offer a gift card for the difference in price to be used on future purchases.
  • Process a partial refund for the price difference, assuring them of your commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Suggest they repurchase the item at the sale price and return the original item.

A major aspect of business ethics involves the fair and equitable treatment of all employees. What best demonstrates an ethical approach to managing a diverse workforce?

  • Providing diversity training to all new hires.
  • Offering the same opportunities for promotion regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.
  • Hosting occasional cultural appreciation events.
  • Making sure all legally required posters on discrimination are visible in the break room.

A customer inquires about a product that is currently not in stock. You anticipate the restock to arrive in two days. How should you manage the customer's expectation?

  • Tell them to check back in a week.
  • Promise them it will be available tomorrow.
  • Ask for their contact details and offer to call or email when the product arrives.
  • Recommend a competitor where they can find the product immediately.

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Target Tests Tips

1Know the Company Inside Out

One of the best ways to excel is to understand Target’s business, culture, and values. Familiarize yourself with their history, the types of products they sell, and their mission statement. This will help you answer any job-specific questions with confidence and show your genuine interest in the company.

2Practice Under Timed Conditions

Since many aptitude tests are timed, it’s beneficial to practice under similar conditions. Time yourself while taking practice tests to get used to the pressure and to improve your time management skills.

3Review Basic Math and Verbal Skills

Brush up on fundamental math and verbal abilities. Reviewing percentage calculations, reading comprehension, and grammar rules can go a long way in scoring well on the aptitude tests.

4Simulate Exam Environment

Try to replicate the exam environment when practicing. This means finding a quiet space, potentially sitting at a desk, and using only such materials as would be allowed during the actual test.

5Stay Calm and Positive

A positive mindset can greatly impact your performance. Stay calm during the practice tests to build up your stress-handling abilities. Remember that the goal is to demonstrate your potential to Target!

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Target Tests FAQs

What are the Target tests?

Target employs a variety of aptitude tests during its hiring process to assess candidates’ skills and compatibility with the company’s values and work ethos. Such tests typically include assessments of cognitive abilities, personality, and practical job-related skills.

Are the Target tests hard?

While the level of difficulty for Target’s tests can vary based on the role and your own strengths, they can be challenging. They’re designed to measure a broad range of skills and attributes effectively.

How do I prepare for Target tests?

The best preparation for Target tests is practice, practice, and more practice. At Practice Aptitude Tests, we offer an extensive range of practice tests tailor-made to simulate the ones used by Target, helping you prepare effectively.

How long does the recruitment process take at Target?

The length of the recruitment process at Target may vary by position, though it typically includes an online application, tests, an interview, and, if successful, a job offer and orientation. The entire process can take a few weeks to a couple of months.

What are Target's core values?

Target’s core values revolve around a commitment to inclusivity, community, and sustainability. They value leadership, integrity, and accountability, striving to create an environment of collaboration and respect.