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fidelity tests

Fidelity Tests

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fidelity tests

Fidelity International is an investment management company, offering financial services to clients across the world. Its business is split into two strands: Workplace and Personal Financial Health, and Investment Solutions & Services.

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Telephone/video interview

If you achieve a high score in your psychometric assessments, you’ll be invited to speak to the Fidelity recruitment team via a telephone or video interview. The interview will be strengths-based and should last around 40 minutes.

When preparing, refer to the job description for the role. Seek to outline how you meet the essential and desirable criteria, as well as how you align with the company’s values, behaviours and overall culture.

Also ensure you do your research on the company and industry, using a variety of sources (beyond Fidelity’s website) to display your career motivation and commercial awareness.

For the best chance at success, sit your interview in a quiet environment, free from distractions. If the interview is to be conducted via video, ensure you position yourself somewhere with a neutral background and dress in smart attire.

You will be alerted as to whether you have made it through to the assessment centre stage as soon as possible after your interview. Due to volume, Fidelity does not provide detailed feedback on telephone/video interview performance.

Fidelity assessment centre

The structure of the Fidelity assessment centre can vary according to the role or programme you have applied for, but it generally consists of a group task, a technical case study exercise, a presentation, and a competency-based interview. It employs a strengths-based selection process.

The group task will assess your team working and collaboration skills, as you will be required to work with a group of fellow candidates to effectively reach a set objective.

Whilst it is important to actively contribute to the task, articulate your ideas clearly and display your own capabilities, a good team player also listens carefully to other points of view and encourages the contribution of others, to deliver the best outcome possible. Time management should also be a key consideration in the group exercise.

The business task, or case study, aims to give the recruitment team an insight into your thought-process and ability to rationalise available information when presented with a challenging business scenario. You will be required to read, interpret and summarise several different sources of information and make informed recommendations.

Your response should be well structured, and your rationale supported. Fidelity is looking for you to bring your own perspective to the business challenge depicted. Do not be afraid of taking an innovative approach or recommending a calculated risk, as long as you can back up your stance with the detail necessary.

You may also be asked to prepare a presentation. If this is the case, you will be given the presentation topic ahead of the assessment centre and have time to research and prepare. Presentations tend to be given in front of a panel audience, who will then respond with questions – so remember to prepare for potential Q&A topics.

You will be assessed on your ability to distil and convey information in a concise and confident manner. It is also vital that you consider the implications of your research upon Fidelity’s operations and business practices.

The final stage of the assessment centre is an interview process. Depending upon the nature and seniority of the role, you may have more than one interview. There can be up to three: an interview with the hiring manager, an interview with a senior leader (along with a relevant business stakeholder, if appropriate) and an HR interview.

Your interview(s) will be based around three areas – your biography (career background and motivations), your expertise (practical knowledge and skills) and your competencies (your behaviours and ways of working).

The interview is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, forming a reciprocal and honest interaction.

Full feedback on your assessment centre performance will be available so, even if you are unsuccessful this time, the process can be constructive and improve your chances in the next hiring process you experience.

Fidelity also allows re-applications, as long as they fall within another year’s recruitment cycle.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Fidelity International. We provide preparation services for Fidelity International psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

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  • Nigeria

    January 28, 2023


    I love the pattern it went, you have to think very deep before giving an answer. I’m really impressed with the pattern work. Thank you.

  • Nigeria

    October 30, 2022


    Its challenging, confusing , but fun though Calming down, understanding the patterns will do a lot of good

  • Saudi Arabia

    April 02, 2022

    How these tests work

    I came across this kind of test after many years. These are really good to analyze someone's ability.

  • United States of America

    March 09, 2022

    Not what I was expecting

    This was a very interesting test based on identifying patterns which is essential in the world of finance. However it was a very unexpected take on identifying patterns.

  • United States of America

    February 22, 2022


    I enjoyed the challenge of beating the clock and solving the puzzle, but I do feel that I rushed due to it being timed.

  • United States of America

    October 05, 2021

    Don't spend too long on one question

    I liked that it was fairly challenging and not quite like a traditional test where the answer was always obvious.

  • United States of America

    August 24, 2021


    I'm not sure how this is supposed to indicate that I will do a great job at Fidelity, but okay. Find the pattern and estimate the next one.