Who is Smarter - Men or Women?

Are men smarter than women or is it really the other way round? We dared to answer this question objectively, collecting and analyzing thousands of psychometric test results taking into account the test takers' age, education, and gender. Pulling all the results together, we can now reveal who's on top in the cognitive battle of the sexes!

Superiority In Logic

Contrary to the infamous stereotype that women are driven by emotions, our data shows that they tend to be more logical than men. On average, women scored 63% while men only applied their logical reasoning skills correctly in 59% of cases. However, these statistics fluctuate as people get older. Men break their average score even when they are 35 years of age. And by the age of 55, they start prevailing in logical thinking with a score of 64% in contrast to women’s 59%.

On logical reasoning tests, women scored an average of 63% compared to 59% by men suggesting that the idea that men are more logical is a myth

Mr. or Ms. Calculator?

Team male revealed to be more fit for solving math-related problems. Not by much, though, as they scored 53% against 52% for women in numerical reasoning tests. The overall level of analytical abilities tends to decrease during a lifetime. According to our research, young people in total get 56% of the answers right. However, the category of 55 y.o.+ demonstrates a much poorer performance and on average get a 32% success rate. It’s worth mentioning that older gentlemen dragged the whole group down - they handled numbers worse than females, 29% against 34%.

It’s true that men tend to perform better at maths, but not over all age categories

Who Holds The Key To Communication

Verbal reasoning is the foundation of communication skills. These days, the ability to navigate large amounts of information can make it or break it for a person’s success in life. As per our data, women have better communication skills than men. On average, females scored 66% in verbal reasoning tests while males got the answers right only in 63% of cases. Remarkably, women’s verbal reasoning skills share some features with good wines - they only get better with age. A younger generation mostly scored 68% while the women older than 55 got 85%. Men keep performing at a mediocre level on this test in all age groups.

Women are not just better at communicating, they get even better with age

Impact Of Education

It came as no surprise that education has a positive impact on test-takers performance. The higher the education level, the higher is the average result for both sexes. However, male Ph.D. students have a better overall score of 72% compared to female doctoral students who generally achieve 65%. It is also worth mentioning that among high school graduates with a General Certificate of Secondary Education diploma, the trend is reversed. Women in this educational group show better results in logical and numerical reasoning tests. For instance, the score for logical reasoning is about 73% for women, while men lag 12 % behind. In numerical reasoning tests, men usually reach 44% contrary to 57% in women.

As expected, there’s a strong correlation between level of education and score, although the correlation is stronger with men

The Grand Finale

We are ready to name a winner in the category of the smarter gender!

Aptitude Female Male
Logical 63% 59%
Numerical 52% 53%
Verbal 66% 63%
Grand Total 60% 58%

With the dramatic gap of 2%, the gold goes to team female. Women have an average score of 60% in aptitude tests. What is even more interesting is that women reach their peak performance at an earlier age than men.

It seems that women are smarter than men, particularly at a young age, while men come into their own later on in life

According to our data, ladies are at their intellectual best during the age of 18-24. Men seem to take their time to learn and become the best version of their intellectual selves at 45. Nevertheless, the overall success in cognitive skills tests in all humans declines after 54. So make sure you are taking advantage of your tender age to the full to show off your intellectual might!