Every university can claim to excel at something, whether it’s producing world-class rowers or putting on unforgettable parties. But with a strictly academic agenda and a desire to learn more about the UK’s graduates, we used the results from our psychometric tests to determine which university really is ‘the best’.

Best mathematicians

Using numerical reasoning to evaluate thousands of graduates’ skills at calculus, graph reading and general mathematical knowledge, we’ve worked out who can lay claim to the finest mathematicians…

Perhaps unsurprisingly, university heavyweight Oxford came out on top. Their seriously smart students got an average of 89%, compared to longtime rival Cambridge’s score of 69%. The majority of graduates scored somewhere between 75-80%, but students at Kingston showed they were better suited to other courses with an average of 64%.

Oxford has a strong lead when it comes to mathematical aptitude, with students scoring an extremely high average of 89%

Best linguists

Analysing verbal data and critical thinking doesn’t come naturally to all. In fact, most university students scored just 60-65%. But those who chose to study at Wolverhampton were far more likely to succeed at this particular type of challenge. They averaged an impressive 78%, beating even those at Oxford by 7%.

If you meet a brilliant communicator, the chances are they went to the University of Wolverhampton!

Best logicians

Solving puzzles, patterns and sequences was a breeze for the students at Harper Adams. These graduates achieved the highest overall score of 75%, an even more impressive result considering no other university managed to reach 70%. Students at Kingston and Nottingham showed their skill sets lay elsewhere with an average result of 51%.

When you think Harper Adams, think an incredibly logical bunch

Best of the best

When it comes to our aptitude tests, Oxford showed it was fully deserving of its reputation as one of the world’s best universities by coming in at first place with an average of 77% across all tests.

With strong results across the board, Oxford is the best university in the UK

While you might assume Cambridge would be hot on their heels, second place was actually shared by the students of Wolverhampton and Harper Adams, who were just 5% short of the top spot. UCL and Durham scored a respectable 71%, just beating Cambridge whose students averaged 67%. So there you have it! Perhaps not a surprising winner, but some incredible results along the way from smaller universities without such a reputation for intellectual superiority.

The University of Oxford gets the gold, showing the average score of 77% across all aptitude tests. Its superiority in numerical reasoning, alongside above-average results in logic and communication, make Oxford number one. Second place is shared by Wolverhampton and Harper Adams University graduates, with an average score of 72%, followed by UCL and Durham University with 71%. Surprisingly, taking into account the university’s prestigious status, Cambridge students scored a below-average 67%. But Kingston get the wooden spoon, with graduates achieving an average score of just 56% across the board.

University Numerical % Verbal % Logical % Average %
Cambridge 69 66 65 67
Cass 83 62 65 70
Durham 85 65 64 71
Glasgow 79 62 69 70
Harper Adams 82 60 75 72
Imperial 83 65 64 70
Kingston 64 53 51 56
Leeds 80 63 66 70
Leicester 76 58 58 64
Liverpool 81 62 64 69
Nottingham 80 62 51 64
Oxford 89 71 70 77
UCL 79 65 70 71
Westminster 80 55 64 66
Wolverhampton 79 78 60 72