Virgin Media is a telecommunications company based in England offering TV, phone, and internet services to over 47 million individuals and businesses across the UK.

In 2001 the company merged with O2, and as the corporate brand of Telefonica SA and Liberty Global, Virgin Media O2 is one of the UK’s largest businesses. Its services help companies connect with clients by providing cloud services, data security, fast internet speeds, and 5G networks that enable flexible working.

This article explores the Virgin Media assessment center in more detail. We look at the assessments and consider some tips to help you perform to the best of your ability.

Why does Virgin Media use assessment centers?

Virgin Media employs over 16 000 people in a variety of roles. Individuals looking to train with the company can join as an apprentice or on its graduate program. For those with prior work experience, Virgin Media offers several experienced vacancies across its different sectors.

When recruiting new employees, ensuring that the recruitment process is objective and cost-effective in identifying suitable candidates for a role based on their skills, abilities, and experience is essential.

By using assessment centers, Virgin Media can meet candidates and practically evaluate individuals on their proficiency in these crucial skills.

This deeper insight into a candidate’s skill set ensures the company selects the best candidates for the roles they have to fill.

What skills is Virgin Media looking for?

what to expect at a virgin media assessment center

Virgin Media offer a variety of roles to individuals at all stages of their career. Several skills and abilities are needed to succeed at Virgin Media, no matter the position or level of seniority.

Tenacity is essential for all roles at Virgin Media. Being able to set goals, seek out opportunities and be persistent is encouraged.

Having strong people skills is also necessary for any position at the company. Individuals must be able to build effective working relationships, have strong negotiation and influencing skills, and communicate effectively with people at all levels.

Confidence in your own ability is also important to succeed at Virgin Media. Roles at the company are customer focused. Being able to make quick decisions, be accountable for these decisions, and work with others to reach a solution that works for all concerned is vital for success.

Many roles at Virgin Media require strong problem-solving, analytical skills, and logical reasoning. These skills can be applied to any issue, whether you are dealing with a customer to sort out their billing problem or figuring out the solution to an engineering issue.

Virgin Media assessment center format

Candidates successful at the early stages of the Virgin Media recruitment process are invited to the final stage: the assessment center.

The Virgin Media assessment center exercises vary depending on the role and level applied for. Some specialist roles may require candidates to undertake additional assessments to evaluate further individuals’ knowledge in a specific area. Typically, all assessment centers include the following exercises.

Virgin Media welcome presentation

The welcome presentation is split into two different parts.

The first part of the session is to provide candidates with more information on Virgin Media as a company. The presentation is delivered by a representative from the business who will go into more detail on the role and what working at Virgin Media is like. Information on the company benefits, work environment, and reward structure is also provided. Candidates are encouraged to ask questions on any aspect of the presentation.

The second part of the session includes a team-based exercise where candidates get to know one another better ahead of the assessed activities.

Virgin Media group exercise

The group exercise is an assessed timed exercise. Candidates are given a short presentation on a topic and then given time to prepare for each part of the exercise individually.

The topic given is usually related to the role they have applied for. When the preparation time is complete, candidates must discuss the information with the others in the group to reach a decision.

Candidates are evaluated on their contribution to the discussion, the rationale behind their recommendations, and their communication skills: how well they listen and respond to others and their participation in helping the group reach a decision.

Virgin Media role play exercise

The role play exercise is conducted by a representative from the business area applied to. Candidates are given information to prepare before discussing this with an assessor. The information takes the form of a scenario they are likely to encounter while in the Virgin Media role.

Once they have prepared their response to the situation, they must discuss this with an assessor.

Scenarios often require individuals to assume the role that they have applied for. Candidates must have a good understanding of the role and the requirements of the role and draw on their experience when responding to the situation.

Virgin Media presentation

The presentation part of the assessment center evaluates individuals on their ability to communicate information clearly, and appropriately depending on the audience, they are communicating with.

Candidates are provided with a pack of information, usually before the day of the assessment center. They must prepare a presentation according to the time limit given, ensuring that the content of their presentation meets the brief and each of the tasks provided.

Technology is available for the presentation: candidates can prepare PowerPoint slides. Assessors will also evaluate candidates on the presentation’s content, delivery, and suitability for the intended audience.

Virgin Media interview

Virgin Media interviews allow the assessor to get to know the candidate better and understand their skills and experiences relevant to the role.

The interview focuses on the information candidates provide on their CVs. Individuals must provide examples from their previous experiences to demonstrate they meet the competency criteria. They may also be asked questions on why they want to work at Virgin Media, what they know about the company, its mission, values, and their understanding of the role.

Example questions include:

  • Give me an example of a time when you have dealt with a difficult customer or team member? What was the outcome?

  • Why did you apply for a position with Virgin Media?

  • What is it about our mission and values that resonate with you?

Tips for passing the Virgin Media assessment center

what to expect at a virgin media assessment center

1. Read the instructions

Before starting any assessments, ensure you clearly understand what is expected of you. Understanding the instructions is an essential part of any assessment, as once the assessment has started, assessors may not be able to answer questions. Knowing what you have to do and your time limits ensures you don’t misinterpret the exercise.

2. Ask questions

Virgin Media looks for individuals who are tenacious and confident.

During the welcome presentation, ask questions about what has been presented to demonstrate your curiosity. Ask for clarification if you aren’t clear on any part of the assessment center.

Showing interest and enthusiasm in all parts of the assessment center ensures you know what you are doing and shows the assessor you are enthusiastic about a role at Virgin Media.

3. Prepare

It is essential to do your preparation before attending the Virgin Media assessment center. This means re-familiarising yourself with your CV and the skills and experience you have. Look over the job description so you are clear on how you meet the job specifications.

4. Be confident

Assessment centers can be daunting, but being confident is an attribute Virgin Media looks for in its applicants.

At the assessment center, smile, ask questions, and show positive body language. Ensure you participate in the group exercises and invite quieter members to speak. Showing confidence in your own communication style shows your enthusiasm for the role.

5. Research Virgin Media

Recruiters at Virgin Media want to know why individuals have applied to the company. To explain this, it is essential to research the company’s values and mission and discuss why it is right for you. This shows you have made an informed decision on why you applied, showing your commitment to the company and the role.