Role Of An Amazon Maintenance Technician

Amazon maintenance technicians are individuals who are responsible for the efficient running of all machinery at Amazon fulfillment centers and delivery stations.

Maintenance technicians are integral to the operations process at Amazon. Their work ensures that machinery operates correctly, safety practices are adhered to, preventative maintenance is carried out, and any breakdowns are fixed quickly with minimal impact on fulfillment operations.

Maintenance technicians draw on several skills to be effective in their roles. These include strong analytical skills, problem-solving, and keeping calm under pressure.

Given how essential the responsibilities of a maintenance technician are in ensuring that Amazon meets customers’ demands and that customers receive their orders on time, it is necessary to recruit the right people for these roles.

All applicants to Amazon’s maintenance technician vacancies must complete a series of assessments that evaluate their skills and abilities against the desired criteria for the role. These assessments include an online assessment: the Amazon maintenance technician Ramsay test.

This article explores each stage of the recruitment process to help you understand each step, along with some top tips to help you perform at your best in these assessments.

amazon maintenance technician ramsay test

Application Process For An Amazon Maintenance Technician

The application for an Amazon maintenance technician usually comprises a four-stage process:

  • Online application form
  • Phone interview
  • Online assessment: Amazon maintenance technician Ramsay test
  • Interview

Online application form

The first stage of the application process is to complete an online application form. To apply for a maintenance technician position, applicants must first create their recruitment account on the dedicated Amazon recruitment portal:

Once created, candidates are prompted to complete the relevant fields, such as contact details, along with uploading a CV. Depending on the level of the role, applicants may also need to answer some screening questions providing further detail on their experience or skills.

When applying for a maintenance technician vacancy, it is essential to check whether you meet the minimum educational requirements for the role. All maintenance technician vacancies stipulate the basic and preferred qualifications required for the position.

Phone Interview

Upon successful application review, some candidates may be invited to attend a short telephone interview. This interview usually lasts around 30 minutes and is an opportunity for an Amazon recruiter to learn more about applicants. Questions enable the recruiter to understand better an applicant’s skills and experience and whether they have the necessary skills or experience for the role.

For applicants, it is also a chance to ask any questions about the role or the recruitment process. It is worth noting that this step is not mandatory for all candidates; some may progress from the application review stage to the online testing stage.

Online assessment

Those successful at application review or telephone interview progress to the online assessment stage. The online assessment applicants complete for maintenance technician roles is the Amazon Ramsay test.

This test evaluates candidates’ understanding of basic physics principles and mechanical aptitude. Candidates’ knowledge of testing instruments, electrical circuity, and ability to use this knowledge to solve problems they are likely to encounter in the workplace are also assessed.

The test results are then used to determine whether candidates have the necessary aptitudes and understanding to carry out the responsibilities of a maintenance technician, such as machinery maintenance, ensuring safety practices comply with legislation, and supporting the ethos of continuous improvement at Amazon.


Candidates who successfully meet the required benchmark in the Ramsay test are invited to attend an interview. The interview enables hiring managers to evaluate candidates on their technical skills and abilities as relevant to the role.

Behavioral questions are also asked in the interview. These questions require candidates to draw on their previous experiences of work situations to highlight how they would react and deal with problems they would encounter when in the role at Amazon.

What Is The Amazon Ramsay Test For Maintenance Technicians?

The Amazon Ramsay test is an online assessment that all applicants applying for maintenance technician positions at Amazon must complete. The test is a bespoke test created for Amazon by the Ramsay Corporation.

What does the Amazon Ramsay Test measure?

The Amazon Ramsay test evaluates candidates on the essential skills and aptitudes required to perform the role of a maintenance technician safely and effectively.

The test assesses candidates’ understanding of basic physics principles such as electrical circuits, hydraulic systems, and power transmission.

These principles enable maintenance technicians to understand how machinery operates and ensure that best practices and safety regulations are met when operating and maintaining machinery.

Maintenance technicians must have a solid understanding of how machinery operates. Practical knowledge of mechanical principles such as how levers, gears, or pulleys work enables maintenance technicians to fulfill their daily responsibilities. The test also evaluates individuals on their mechanical reasoning skills.

As a maintenance technician, you must effectively identify issues and solve problems with minimal disruption to operational processes. Understanding how this machinery works and using your knowledge and mechanical ability is essential for all maintenance technicians.

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The format of the Amazon Ramsay Test

All applicants applying for maintenance technician roles at Amazon must sit the online Amazon Ramsay test. The test can be scheduled at a time convenient to the candidate and completed on a laptop or PC via Amazon’s online testing platform. The test is proctored, meaning that candidates are being monitored when completing the test. A functioning web camera and speakers are required when taking the test.

There are three levels of the Ramsay test; all tests are multiple-choice, with the test type varying according to the level of role applied.

Amazon Tech 1: for roles at entry level/post apprenticeship

Amazon Tech 2: intermediate level test for junior positions

Amazon Tech 3: advanced level test used when recruiting for senior positions

The most common levels administered are the tech level 2 and tech level 3 tests.

All levels of the Amazon maintenance technician Ramsay test last 150 minutes and comprise of 75 questions. The tests in tech level 2 and tech level 3 are split into different subsections, with each subsection assessing a different aptitude of knowledge area.

Power transmissions and preventative maintenance

This test assesses individuals’ knowledge of power transmissions and identifying areas for maintenance.

Questions are often presented in the form of a diagram. Candidates are asked to identify areas of wear and tear and faults. Candidates may also be asked to describe how power inputs work.

The tech level 2 test is comprised of 18 questions, tech level 3 test is of 17 questions.

Print reading

The print reading tech level 2 test comprises ten questions, tech level 3 test includes nine questions.

The subjects covered include reviewing electrical schematic drawings, questions on measurement, equivalent measurements, and evaluating an individual’s understanding of dimensions.

Pneumatics and hydraulics

This test focuses on assessing the candidate’s mechanical reasoning ability and practical knowledge of using principles such as those governing pressure concerning gas and water. Candidates may also be asked questions on the interpretation and reading of dials and switches in relation to pneumatics and hydraulics.

There are eight questions in tech level 2 and seven in the tech level 3 test.

Materials, tools, and equipment

In this test, the tech level 2 test has five questions, and tech level 3, 4 questions. Questions assess candidates on their understanding of the appropriate tools used in machinery maintenance. Candidates are asked to name tools and identify the most suitable materials and tools for use in the given situation. This test may also ask questions about using tools safely and correctly.

Testing instruments

The testing instrument test evaluates whether candidates can select suitable instruments to identify and troubleshoot equipment problems.

The test also asks questions about understanding readouts and screen data.

The tech level 2 test comprises 12 questions, and tech level 3, seven questions.

Electrical theory and control circuits

This subsection assesses an individual’s practical understanding of electrical circuits.

Questions are asked on the building of circuits, determining essential parts of an electrical circuit, and troubleshooting to find faults in an electrical system.

Candidates are also assessed on their knowledge of the fundamental laws and principles of electrical theory, such as Ohms law.

The tech level 2 test has 22 questions, tech level 3 test has 20 questions making this subsection the longest part of the test.

Applicants applying for senior-level positions must complete an additional subsection: programmable logical controllers as part of the tech level 3 assessments.

This subsection contains seven questions on topics such as process control and fault finding.

Tips For Passing The Amazon Ramsay Test

The Amazon Ramsay test is a thorough assessment of an individual’s knowledge and aptitude in areas essential to being a maintenance technician. While the test may seem daunting to complete, there are many things you can do to help you pass the Amazon Ramsay test.

Practice tests

It is vital to practice the types of tests you will be asked to sit as part of the Amazon Ramsay assessment. Given there are several subsections in the overall assessment, make sure you practice questions in all of the subsections, paying attention to the sections that are the longest.

Refresh your memory on mechanical and electrical principles and concepts

Questions in the test require you to use your practical knowledge and understanding of mechanical principles and electrical laws. Refreshing your memory of these and how these are used to solve problems means you can approach these questions confidently.

Ensure you have the right equipment before starting the test

The Amazon Ramsay test requires candidates to complete the test on a laptop or PC with a webcam. Ensure you test your equipment before scheduling the test to know it works. If there are any problems, you have time to rectify these.

Get a good night’s sleep before test day

Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test, and make sure you have eaten and are well hydrated. Ensuring you are well rested and have eaten improves your cognitive function meaning you can focus fully on the test.

Stay calm

The Amazon Ramsay test is a proctored test where the test taker is being watched while completing the test. Try and focus on each question in the test. If you feel one question hasn’t gone well, don’t dwell on it. Move on to the next question, stay positive and focus on performing to the best of your ability.