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M&G Tests

M&G Tests

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M&G Tests

Founded in 1931, M&G is a leading savings and investment management business. Headquartered in London, M&G offers graduate internships and placements, as well as apprenticeships for those without a degree. M&G has devised a challenging recruitment process for graduates that tests reasoning, presentation, interpersonal skills and integrity.

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M&G virtual assessment centre

Candidates who pass the video interview will be invited to an in-person or virtual assessment day.

These days include an interview, aptitude test centre play, group exercises, and report writing tests.

M&G interview

The interview phase of the M&G assessment centre takes place with two professionals from the team or department with M&G to which you are applying.

They are looking for consistency with the answers provided in the video interview, and also to see how well you portray your skills in person.

M&G in-person aptitude tests

The M&G in-person aptitude tests are similar to those in the online tests. They form a part of the assessment centre to vet any cheating that has taken place in online testing, so may include some identical questions.

M&G roleplay test

The roleplay test examines your ability to communicate clearly with clients and co-workers, as well as your ability to synthesise and strategise from large amounts of complex information.

Candidates are presented, on paper, with a scenario including data and brief, and must devise a solution in a business context. This is the part of the assessment centre which tests your previous experience, so draw on any internship or work experience scenarios where you can demonstrate your commitment to a career in finance.

M&G Group exercise

The case study exercise is designed to assess candidates’ ability to collaborate and problem-solve with colleagues.

During the exercise, candidates will be placed into groups of four or five and provided with a difficult client interaction scenario, for example, a budget cut or sales pitch.

You must work with other applicants to create a solution to a problem or a presentation, whilst you are observed by the interviewers.

Check out our guide to group exercises at assessment centres here.

Report writing

People working in finance must be able to translate data and business strategy into clearly written and well-presented reports, but also need to be able to write clear formal emails and memos for colleagues.

The report writing test can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, and candidates may be briefed to write any sort of written business communication.

Tips For Passing The M And G Tests

It can be tempting to cheat on the online aptitude tests. However, if you are invited to an assessment day, you will have to take the same tests again, the main purpose is to vet your integrity. So, ensure you practice for the tests using the online resources cited by M&G.

Use online practice tests for logical reasoning, situational judgement tests, and personality tests. These are skills that can be tested in any number of ways, so getting broad practice is the best strategy for passing.

M&G links to the video interview company that provides their video interview test. Familiarise yourself with the format of this test, as being asked questions on video by an unresponsive computer can be a disconcerting experience.

If you are successful in passing the online tests and interview, it will already be obvious to M&G that you are both a suitable candidate for their business, and somewhat dedicated to a career in financial investing. However, make sure you can back up all of your answers by drawing on your relevant experience by clearly citing the actions you have taken in previous work contexts and their results and impact.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with M&G. We provide preparation services for M&G psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

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