America might have the most Nobel Prize winners and Germany may be able to claim Einstein as theirs, but when it comes to ordinary people - does geography determine whether you’ll be a whiz with words or a natural with numbers? There’s only one way to find out…

By studying the results from thousands of psychometric tests taken across the globe we found some very interesting, often surprising results. So, we’re now ready to crown the world’s cleverest country.

It’s a numbers game

When it’s time to split the bill, it’s best to see if there’s a Belgian at the table. Coming in top with a whopping score of 91%, Belgium showed they’re truly ahead of the (numbers) game. Impressive results also came from Canada and Poland, who scored 86% and 85% respectively. Further down the league table was Australia at 51% and Singapore at 52%, showing that it’s no problem if your skills lie elsewhere.

Belgium are the world’s best number-crunchers with an average score of a whopping 91%

Bow to reason

If it’s a sensible answer you need, best head to Poland. Natives here topped the class when it came to logical thinking, closely followed by Belgium, Hong Kong and Singapore. Most countries averaged a respectable 54-74%, with Russia showing they placed more importance on other things with a score of 38%.

If you like logical thinkers, you’ll love Poland whose inhabitants scored a leading 91% success rate

No language barriers here

Communication is key - at least if you live in Belgium. This tiny European country proved that mastering the art of language, comprehension and connection came naturally, with an impressive score of 77%. Poland was hot on their heels at 74%, while on average, most countries scored a more modest 51-61%.

And the winner is…

You’d be forgiven for thinking Belgium would take the cognitive crown with their impressive overall score of 83%. But when all of our psychometric testing results were carefully analysed, Poland edged it by just 1%.

And the first prize goes to Poland, with the success rate of 84%!

Most countries measured somewhere between 60-77%, showing that there are always things to celebrate, (and there’s always more to learn!).

Code Country Numerical Verbal Logical Overall
PL Poland 85 74 92 84
BE Belgium 91 77 81 83
HK Hong Kong SAR 83 66 82 77
ZA South Africa 83 62 72 72
CA Canada 86 50 73 70
VN Vietnam 78 60 67 69
IN India 71 61 73 68
GB United Kingdom 77 61 67 68
NO Norway 76 53 69 66
CH Switzerland 76 61 59 65
AE United Arab Emirates 76 51 69 65
SG Singapore 52 61 81 65
DE Germany 70 60 63 64
US United States 62 52 71 62
EG Egypt 68 55 58 60
RU Russia 81 61 38 60
BN Brunei 81 40 50 57
AU Australia 51 46 74 57
SA Saudi Arabia 65 51 54 56
NZ New Zealand 66 44 54 54