As a new grad wading into the job market the sheer mass of information available is overwhelming. Today’s post focuses on job boards that are not your stereotypical graduate scheme job board, such as Milkround, how they can help and a top 10 reviewed list – just to make the job hunt a little easier.

When searching for a job, do your research. Not all job boards are created equal and not all will be useful in your search. There are many job boards and online communities geared toward specific industries or types of jobs. The list below covers general job boards to supplement your search, but you should certainly seek out more specific boards as well.

  1. Indeed – Indeed is less of a job board, and more of a job search aggregator. The search engine pulls new job postings from employers’ career pages on company websites. When using Indeed, set up alerts to have a digest of new postings delivered to your inbox every day. This way, the jobs come to you!

  2. Total Jobs – A popular resource in the U.K., Total Jobs has a whole area of their site dedicated to new graduates, students, and those just starting their career. You can search for permanent or part time positions, as well as internships and placements.

  3. AllAboutGroup A careers advice resource for students and graduates offering a variety of different careers advice websites, including finance, law, engineering, advertising and many more.

  4. Rate My Placement – Need some extra information about an internship or placement you’re considering? This website can help you out. In addition to inside information, there is also a job board.

  5. LinkedIn – A great website to build your online profile and start networking. Here, you can follow companies to receive news and updates and join a special interest group for a field or skill you are interested in. Be sure to check out the job board feature on the site as well. Employers must pay to post jobs so it is worthwhile to supplement your use of LinkedIn with other free services.

  6. The Gateway – The business and careers online publication for students, is a unique and high-quality graduate careers resource in an innovative, stylish and easy-to-use format. On the website you’ll find in-depth careers information and advice, easy-to-digest commercial awareness, and insights into top graduate recruiters and what they’re looking for, along with details of the best graduate and internship opportunities.

  7. Idealist – Hoping for a job in the non-profit sector? Idealist can help with that. Access their job boards for entry level and new grad positions.

  8. Guardian Jobs – The Guardian’s job board has a comprehensive listing of jobs for new graduates, often including salary information. You can create a shortlist of jobs for yourself to make browsing easier.

  9. – Similar to Total Jobs and Guardian Jobs, offers a large database of jobs to pick from. You can also set up job alerts and access information specifically for new grads.

  10. NORAS – The National Online Recruitment Audience Survey. This website is geared more towards employers rather than job seekers, but you can use the information here to great advantage. In addition to having a comprehensive list of job boards, you can also compare them to find the best way to tackle your job hunt.