How to Calculate Simplified Ratios

In this question, we're going to talk about simplified ratios. I know a lot of people get worried about when the word ratio is mentioned, but it's nothing to worry about. It's just a simple division so in this example, we have 34,280 audit employees and 14,342 tax employees. We need to work out what the simplified ratio of these two sets of employees is.

Step 1: Write as a ratio

The first thing to do is to write this in a ratio format so write 34,280 : 14,342

Step 2: Divide one side

The quickest way of working out a simplified ratio is to divide both sides by the smallest number which is 14,342. We know that 14,342 divided by itself is one so write one.

Step 3: Divide the other side

Next, take 34,280 and divide by 14,342 and we get the answer 2.39. So, the answer is 1 : 2.39 and there you have it – the simplified ratio.