You receive this email from the company MD, Graham Wilson…

Subject: Innovations in Drugs Conference

A revolutionary new drug for hay fever sufferers has just been approved for sale within the UK. The drug is called Hay-away, and the manufacturers will be presenting at the above conference.

The drug looks set to take a large share of the overall market. I’m especially interested, as the market in hay fever remedies is one that we have never fully explored; yet it continues to grow year on year. It may also be the answer to the sales plummet we see in the spring and summer months when cold remedies aren’t selling.

I’m meeting with Karen the following week, but she is away at the time of the conference. Please bring back a copy of all literature relating to this product and any information you find useful for when we come to make our decision to market this product.

What do you do? A - Attend the conference B - Send someone else C - Don’t attend but request literature to be posted to you

The correct answer is A - While your MD does not actually tell you that you have to attend, his last sentence assumes you will. Emails very often get written without attention to detail so you need to look for underlying instructions.