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The ieGAT (IE Global Admissions Test) is used for admissions to IE University. It assesses verbal and numerical reasoning, and the ability to process information quickly. It’s designed to predict academic success in the university’s programs.

IE produced the ieGAT to help screen candidates who are in the process of applying to university and other academic programs. ieGAT stands for the Global Admissions Tests and is an independent assessment that covers verbal reasoning, numerical comprehension and abstract reasoning.

About ieGAT

These subjects are pooled together under one assessment so that various sides of your cerebrum are tested and stressed to work at unpredictable times. You will be allocated 80 minutes in which to complete the test and the questions are designed to become progressively harder throughout the assessment. We have broken down each of the topics below, providing some useful information to help guide you:

ieGAT Numerical Comprehension, Reasoning and Calculation These question types will require you to analyse information within data and graphs. The questions are predominantly based on percentages and ratios, and will require you to perform basic calculations to ascertain the correct answer. Being quick and accurate is key.

ieGAT Verbal Comprehension and Reasoning Tests These question types will require you to analyse information within a paragraph of text. You will be asked to answer two questions relating to the passage and these will be multiple choice.

ieGAT Logical / Abstract Reasoning Tests These questions types will require you to interpret series of shapes and a symbol representing an operation. You will need to identify the role of the symbol based on the shape sequence and information provided. Strong visualisation skills are key.

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