Regardless of how much time you have to study, it’s important to plan your study time effectively. Numerical reasoning tests are like any other exams, the more you effort you put in and the more effective your preparation time is, the better you will perform.

So, now’s the time to plan how you’re going to pass your numerical reasoning tests. Here are some tips to get you started:

Practice in exam conditions

This is all about making your preparation time effective. Sitting in front of the TV trying a few questions while chatting to friends is not an effective way to prepare.

Make your revision time effective by:

  • Practicing in quiet surroundings at a desk.
  • Practice online tests, most companies administer tests online so it’s important to practice in the same format.
  • Have rough paper to hand for workings.
  • Take regular but short breaks. Your brain can only maintain concentration for short stints so make sure you take a 5 minute break every 40 minutes.
  • Use a scientific calculator (with brackets), make sure you practice with your own calculator and that you are familiar with it.

Use high quality practice material

All our tests have been developed with chartered occupational psychologists who have worked for the major test publishers. Your time is limited so maximise your efficiency by using high quality practice material.

Brush up on the basics

Start by watching our numerical reasoning video tutorials to refresh your memory of the basic skills you are going to need in order to pass. You need to be comfortable with performing basic calculations such as percentage increase & decrease, ratios and currency conversions.

Focus on the questions you get wrong

You will learn more from the questions you get incorrect so focus on reviewing the explanations to questions you get wrong. It takes discipline to do this because the temptation is to do what you’re good at (everyone likes doing this). All our questions come with complete worked solutions so take time to review the answers to questions you get wrong.

Get a good night’s sleep

It’s important to be rested and hydrated before you sit your psychometric test. These factors heavily test influence performance. It’s also to revise for your psychometric test when you’re at your best. Some people find studying first thing in the morning works best for them others prefer working in the afternoon. Make time during your peak performance times to study for your psychometric assessments.

Do your research

Find out what types of psychometric tests you will be asked to complete, focus on those. Most employers ask candidates to sit a numerical and verbal reasoning test so focus on these psychometric tests first.

Be confident

The fact that you’re reading this article means that you are serious about preparing for and performing to the best of your ability in your psychometric tests. It takes dedication time and effort to pass psychometric tests so get started with our free tests now.