If you are reading this the chances are you have a numerical reasoning test coming up which you need to prepare for. Your time is limited so it’s imperative that you use your revision time effectively and learn and practice good exam technique.

Below are our top tips for preparing for your numerical reasoning test assessment:

Practice as many numerical reasoning questions as you can

Question practice will help you improve your speed, accuracy and timings these skills are essential to success. Clear space in your diary and specifically allocate time to quesiton practice.

Stick to timings

If you get stuck, take a deep breath and move onto the next question. Numerical reasoning tests are not always in order of difficulty so don’t panic if can’t answer a question, move on. If your assessment allows it, flag the question for review later.

Get used to using your own calculator

Investing time learning how to use the bracket functions and familiarising yourself with the keypad layout is essential to improving your performance.

Sit tests in exam conditions

This means in a quiet environment, at a desk, with your calculator and plenty of A4 rough paper. You should also sit a complete test in one sitting and stick to timings. During your preparation time you have the luxury of being able to review questions you got wrong at the end so to maximise the efficiency of your revision time, practice in timed exam conditions.

Invest time reviewing questions you get wrong.

At the end of a practice test don’t be tempted to reward yourself with a break stick at it and review the questions you got wrong. Understand why you got them wrong and re-perform the calculation without looking at the workings or answer. You will learn far more from questions you get wrong than those you get correct.

Focus on question types you find the hardest.

We all like doing what we’re good at but focus your attention on your weakest areas. If you find percentage change difficult invest time watching our youtube video tutorials, and focus on practicing those questions.

Make sure your up to date on the following key skills prior to sitting your numerical reasoning assessment:

  • Simple maths skills i.e. subtraction, addition, division and multiplication.
  • Advanced maths skills e.g. percentage increase & decrease, ratios and currency calculations.
  • Data interpretation i.e. ability to quickly review and extract relevant data from a graphic / table.
  • Data manipulation i.e. utilising information and using that to answer the question presented.
  • Watch our youtube video tutorials to remind yourself of these common skills: percentage increase, decrease, currency calculations, ratios and speed distance and time formula.

Read all the instrucitons carefully

Prior to sitting your assessment, they will tell you how long you have to sit the test and how many question you have to answer in that time. You need this information to work out how many minutes you have to answer each quesiton. They may also contain other useful bits of informaiton for example, whether you can go back and review your answers at the end.

Use our learning resource

It has been specifically designed to help you improve your performance. Become a member and today and get access to more than a thousand specifically designed numerical reasoning test questions. Question practice is an excellent way to improve your performance.