Using your preparation time effectively is essential if you want to pass your numerical reasoning test assessment. We’ve complied 6 essential numerical reasoning tips for success.

1) Question practice is of paramount importance

If you take nothing else from this article remember that question practice is key if you want to improve your numerical reasoning test performance. There is no substitute for question practice and if your time is limited ensure you invest plenty of time in practicing questions. Question practice has been shown to improve your accuracy, speed and confidence all essential ingredients to a strong performance.

2) Stick to your timings.

This is a very important tip. Too many candidates give themselves lots of time when practicing questions. The reality is that you will be timed during your real assessment and time pressure is one of the main reasons candidates fail. Avoid this issue by always practicing under timed test conditions. Get used to the time pressure and get ahead of the competition by becoming comfortable with working under timed test conditions.

3) Practice in test conditions

During your preparation time try to emulate test conditions as closely as possible. You can do this by:

Having plenty of rough paper and a good pen to hand for workings Working under timed test conditions Use your own calculator (a scientific calculator with bracket function is best) Working at a desk in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed

4) Invest time reviewing the questions you get wrong

It’s tempting to treat yourself to a break after sitting a practice numerical reasoning test but spend time reviewing the questions you get wrong. Try to understand where you went wrong and how you could avoid making the same mistake in future. It’s a good idea to re-sit questions you get wrong so make a note of the question numbers and try them again later in the day.

5) Focus on practicing the numerical reasoning test questions you find the hardest

These are the least appealing to spend time on but you’ll learn the most from practicing these questions. It’s essential you can perform the following:

Elementary maths skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Advanced maths skills e.g. percentage change (increase & decrease), ratios and currency calculations. Watch out YouTube videos if you need some help reminding yourself of how to tackle these essential skills. You should also be comfortable with interpreting data presented in tables, graphs and charts.

6) Make use of our learning material

It has been specifically designed and developed to assist you in improving your numerical reasoning test performance. Become a member today and get access to over a thousand numerical reasoning test questions. Remember, question practice is the most effective way to improve your test performance.