top tips1)      Practice as many questions as you can before your assessment.  The more questions you practice the more familiar you will become with the types of questions you’re likely to be asked and the better you will perform.

2)      Ensure your preparation is effective.  Practice tests under timed conditions to simulate the time pressure you will experience in the real assessment.

3)      Focus on your weakest area.  If you find numerical reasoning the hardest then this is where you should focus your efforts.  We all enjoy doing things we’re good at but discipline yourself to focus on your weakest areas.

4)      Practice as many different types of questions as you can so you’re used to seeing questions in a variety of forms.

5)      It’s not too late to practice!  Any practice you can complete before your assessment will aid you in performing to the best of your ability so don’t be afraid to get stuck in even if your assessment is very soon.

6)      Don’t neglect your psychometric aptitude tests – these can be the differentiator between you and another candidate.  Make it easy for an employer to select you for the role.

7)      Find out from your employer exactly what form of psychometric tests you’ll be presented with so you can focus your preparation effectively.

8)      Practice, practice, practice – the more question practice you fit in before now and your assessment the better you will perform.  Improve your speed, accuracy and confidence today get practicing to beat the competition.

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