Aptitude tests are generally aimed to evaluate the thinking performance and the logical reasoning of the test givers. These tests can be taken online and usually contain multiple choice questions. Aptitude tests are strictly timed and may allow you to complete around 30 questions in 30 minutes.

There are different types of aptitude tests and the most common include:

No matter which type of test you’ll be taking, you should follow the 6 easy steps mentioned below:

1) Go Through the Old Question Papers

When you start preparing for the aptitude test, don’t forget to go through the old question papers. Also, you’ll find great sources online, where you can attempt free aptitude tests. This will help you to assess yourself and take the necessary steps to improve.

2) Manage Your Time

Most aptitude tests are timed, so you need to figure out the maximum time to solve each question and stick to it. Questions that are more time consuming, you can solve them at the end. Just remember not to get stuck on a particular question, even if you think you almost have it. You can also take mock tests to judge your time management skills.

3) Read the Test Instructions Carefully

Before you start with your aptitude test, it’s important for you to read the instructions carefully. It will help you to understand how to attempt the test and how much time you should spend on each question.

4) Pay Attention to the First Five Questions

When you are giving a computerized aptitude test, focus on the first five questions as it will have a great impact on your total score. This happens because computer aptitude tests evaluate the rest of the questions based on your answers to the first five questions. It is important to note that these five questions will be hard to solve if you are out of practice. But if you manage to solve them, it will help to improve your overall score.

5) Be Well Prepared

On the day of your test, make sure you have all the essentials like pens, a dictionary, a calculator, a watch, and lots of rough paper. You must practice using these essentials so that on the day of your real assessment, you know how to properly make use of them. If you are giving the test at an organization’s office or an assessment centre, take the calculator that you’ve previously practised on with you or else you’ll be forced to use the one that they provide.

6) Do Not Panic if you Can’t Attempt Every Question

Aptitude tests are created in a way that sometimes it’s not possible to complete the entire test. Most test givers panic when they see the total number of questions they need to attempt. As a result, they hurry and get many questions wrong. While giving aptitude tests, you need to speed up, but it’s not as important as accuracy. You also need to keep in mind that you may lose marks for giving incorrect answers.

The key to success is to be prepared and not let go of the opportunities available to you. Follow the above-mentioned steps and clear the aptitude tests with ease.