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Job Fit Analyzer

Identify your strengths and weaknesses:
explore your compatibility with your dream job.

  • Choose from 700+ job roles

  • Evaluate your skills via a role-specific scenario test

  • Analyse your results and receive a roadmap to success

  • 1

    Choose a role

    First, select a job role to start assessing how well it fits your skills.

  • 2

    Test your skills

    Next, complete the assessment tailored to your chosen role to evaluate your readiness for the job.

  • 3

    Analyse your fit

    Here’s your personalised analysis! Understand how well your skills align with the role's requirements and find out how you can improve your chances of landing the job.

    Your skills breakdown

    Areas of strength

    Areas for improvement

    Roadmap to the role

    Interview questions

    Keep a positive mindset

    Start your success journey

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I learnt exactly where I needed more practice and could focus on improving those areas.

Lora used Practice Aptitude Tests to keep track of her practice and progress.