Personality Test Top Tips

1. Be yourself: A personality test is a two-way assessment. The purpose of the test is to assess whether your personality is suitable for the role they are filling. If you’re someone who likes detail and working quietly solving problems there’s no point ticking the box that indicates you are an extrovert who loves socialising and the idea of selling things to people – you want to succeed in the role that you are offered! 2. Avoid extreme answers: It’s often desirable to employ balanced people so avoid selecting answers which...

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Essential Numerical Reasoning Tips


Plan your study time – Whether it’s long or short it’s very important to plan your study time effectively. Psychometric tests are like any other exams, the more you effort you put in and the more effective your preparation time is, the better you will perform. Practice in exam conditions – This is all about making your preparation time effective. Sitting in front of the TV trying a few questions while chatting to friends is not an effective way to prepare. Make your revision time effective by: - Practicing in quiet surroundings...

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7 Top Tips to Pass First Time


Question practice is key. Research has shown that question practice is the most effective way to improve your psychometric test performance. It’s essential that you have access to high quality questions so make sure that choose a practice website which offers questions which have been developed with chartered occupational psychologists. All our tests have been developed with ex SHL and KENEXA chartered occupational psychologists.   Get used to working under exam conditions. Psychometric tests are stressful primarily because you...

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Instantly Improve the Effectiveness of your Preparation Time


Preparing for psychometric tests can be stressful and time consuming. You can improve the effectiveness of your preparation time by utilising our test dashboard. Our test dashboards is available to all our members and shows you: - Your test history - How your scores compare to others who sat the same test - Areas you need to focus on to improve - A detailed record of your historical performance question by question Research has shown that the most effective way to prepare for your psychometric tests is question practice. You can...

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How to Prepare for your Psychometric Tests


Stick to question practice. Reading worked examples is not an effective way to prepare. Human beings learn by doing and psychometric test preparation is no different. Practice as many questions as possible prior to sitting your assessment.   Get used to working under timed conditions. Working under timed conditions is stressful, additional stress can impact performance and the best way to condition yourself is by practicing under timed conditions. This is the best was to improve your confidence and speed when working under time...

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