num-screen-2Q: Can I sit the psychometric aptitude tests as many times as I want during my membership?

A: Absolutely – the tests are designed to help you improve your scores and perform to the best of your ability on your Assessment Day, you can sit them as many times as you like and we advise concentrating on the ones you struggle with the most – focus on your weakest areas.

Q: I’ve got a numerical reasoning test and verbal reasoning test but I’m fairly confident with my verbal reasoning skills should I just practice for my numerical assessment?

A: This is a mistake made by many candidates. Although it’s important to focus on your weaker areas in the example above if you practice a variety of verbal reasoning tests, improve your skills and perform very well in this area it could be the differentiating factor that separates you from the other candidates. We strongly recommend you practice both.

Q: My test is in a couple of days is it too late to practice?

A: No it’s absolutely not too late to practice and improve your score and most importantly boost your confidence so you perform your best on the day of your assessment.

Q: What sort of aptitude tests are your tests designed to simulate?

A: Our tests are designed to simulate those that are typically encountered by graduate and professional job applicants. It’s important you get in contact with the Company you are applying to and ask them what format their tests are in.

Q: How do I receive my log in details and what do I do if lose my password?

A: Your password will be emailed to you when you register with us via our ‘Word Press Member’ membership software. If you forget your password you can easily request another one by clicking on the ‘forgotten password’ button below the log in box on the home page.

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