Marks and Spencer is one of the most famous multinational British retailers selling luxury food, clothing, and home products. It has 979 stores in the UK, and 454 international stores reaching 10,622 bn revenue in 2017.

In the upcoming years, M&S plans to remain focused on its customers and has a clear mission of achieving this by promoting active shareholder engagement, deep analysis of the market and shopping habits supported by new digital technologies.

To achieve these, the company offers a range of fast-paced graduate schemes to attract bright, and talented people, who are chasing a thrilling career.

Applications for the following year open during the autumn term. Deadlines will vary between November and December, depending on the route you are taking.

Below you can find details of the application process and the various steps involved. Please bear in mind, it is a general outlook of the application, for specific details visit M&S website.


M&S Application Process

There are 3 stages to the M&S Application Process

Stage 1: Online Application

Stage 2: Psychometric Tests

  • Personal Questionnaire
  • Situational Judgement Test
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning/ Logical Reasoning Test

Stage 3: Assessment Centre

  • Group Exercise
  • Face – to Face Interview
  • Presentation


M&S Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are a key component of M&S ’s Application Process. Candidate applying for the M&S Graduate Programmes are typically required to take Situational Judgement Tests, Verbal Reasoning Tests, Numerical Reasoning Tests, Diagrammatic/ Logical Reasoning Tests. and Personality Tests. Details on M&S ’s psychometric tests can be found below.


M&S Personality Questionnaire

There are many factors that could determine who would be successful in a given role or a position. Strong intellectual abilities, years of experience, and outstanding numerical skills are just some of them, but on many occasions, your job performance would be saturated and influence by whatever motivates your actions, and what do you believe is important in your life. In short, this is what we call – personality.

The structure of M&S Personality Tests will differ depending, on what traits are recognized as successful in a given role. Upon sitting this exam is important to approach the questions with the company’s culture and a specific outline of features needed for the Graduate Programme you are applying for. However, it is also necessary to be honest with yourself, as a certain degree of consistency to your answers is required.

To check what sort of personality are you – try taking one of the practice tests.


M&S Situational Judgement Tests

The Situational Judgment Test is a set of questions assessing how you might react to hypothetical events and situations that might be encountered in the M&S workplace environment. Based on your answers to these questions it will be verified how aligned you are with the company’s values and behaviours. So do your research and try to memorize them by heart ( might come in handy in the future!).

Whilst Situational Judgement Tests vary in form, usually, you will be presented with a number of descriptions to which you are obliged to provide an appropriate response from a multiple choice list. So, try to be as sensible as you can and use the full capacity of your emotional intelligence.

These tests concentrate on your ‘ people skills’ so, good communication and networking abilities should earn you a few points. However, the quite straightforward and simplistic formula of these tests can be misleading. In any Situational Judgement Test there is a catch in the high probability of any of the presented answers. So although it is recommended to think in accordance with the promoted values outlined in the company’s profile, in order to really ace your performance you might want to work on your situational- judgment muscles while taking the M&S practice version of Situational Judgment Tests.


M&S Verbal Reasoning Test

The M&S Verbal Reasoning Test comprises of a series paragraphs which you will be required to read and a set of questions matching the information provided in paragraphs. Your answer options will be True, False or Cannot Tell.

By presenting you with the Verbal Reasoning Tests, people from M&S want to verify your understanding of the written word, as well as your dexterity when it comes to filtering out the key information from a bulk of the text. Here, please take a moment and imagine a pile of emails residing in your future Inbox, waiting to be read and instantly replied. Not easy, huh?

To get the necessary confidence and speed up things, you can practice some Verbal Reasoning Tests here.


M&S Numerical Reasoning Test

Tesco multiple – choice Numerical Reasoning Test assesses your ability to evaluate, analyze, and interpret numerical information that is provided to you in charts, graphs, and tables. You will have limited time to find a correct answer, so all the calculations such as such as percentages, ratios, and basic arithmetic should be executed quickly and accurately.

We know that you can do it, but If you really want to master the Tesco Numerical Reasoning Test – it can be easily learned through our online tests and video tutorials available on the website. Upon the actual sitting, ensure you are in quiet environment, where you can concentrate!


M&S Diagrammatic Reasoning/ Logical Reasoning Test

The good news – a very bright six-year-old kid could solve a Diagrammatic Reasoning Test since there is no prerequisite knowledge required. The bad news – you still need to prove you have better logical and analytical skills than this kid. How? Well, you need to familiarize yourself with the format first.

These tests will assess your sequence and pattern identification skills, logical thinking and ability to approach a problem and solve it! But it’s easier said than done. You have a limited time to do it – a minute or less per question. The difficulty of questions is also likely to increase gradually.

Therefore, good timing is vital. Questions are comprised of numbers, figures, and shapes arranged in a particular pattern. Your task as the brainy candidate is to deduce the underlying logic of a pattern, and guess what is next to follow. But for now, you might want to follow to the test page to see if what we have just explained makes any sense at all.


M&S Assessment Centre

Congratulations, you made it to the last level! The M&S Assessment Centres are usually a mix of individual and group activities. The exercises will differ depending on the job position you are applying for, but it is recommended to be well prepared for both scenarios in order to truly stand out from the crowd.

Group Exercise – this exercise usually aim at testing how you conduct yourself in a group setting, and if you are able to co-operate to achieve an assigned task. The general skills that the assessors are looking for is a good balance between teamwork and leadership skills. You might be a great leader, but approach the group exercise as a test of your collaboration and teamwork skills rather than a show of directorship.

Face – to – Face Interview – Tesco evaluation interview is based on business competencies, that will give you the opportunity to share details of your capabilities and previous experience. Make sure you use the time given to make a clear assessment of your skills compared to other candidates.

Presentation – This stage could take two forms. You might be given a topic to research and prepare your presentation beforehand, or you will be supplied with materials during the actual assessment centre and have limited time to prepare. Anyhow, it is important that you practice your presentation skills. If you are not a born speaker and feel like you could use a little bit more advice, you can check the Assessment Centre Guide, for more useful tips.


Application Process

Stage 1: Online Application
Stage 2: Psychometric Tests
Stage 3: Assessment Centre




Prepare for your MARKS AND SPENCER tests

  • Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Situational Judgement Tests

  • Practice Assessment Centre Tests

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The M&S application process is fairly standard – including an online application and assessment centre where you will work both individually and within a group to impressive the assessors. Once you have gained a place on the graduate programme you will immediately be given responsibility and projects. M&S will provide constant support and training whilst you complete your programme. They offer a number of plans to best suit your skills and abilities.

M& – this 12 month training gives you the opportunity to work with the best and develop ways to bring ease and convenience to the customer shopping experience. You will work on a rotational basis to give you experience and knowledge in four of their six key areas – site merchandising, performance marketing, development, international, operations and publishing. You’ll be supported along the way with a mentor.

IT Business Analyst – this is a 12 month training placement and you’ll learn about how M&S use the latest IT innovations. You will gain experience in areas such as infrastructure support, system architecture and project management. You’ll be introduced to projects from anything from website and warehouses to retail systems. There are two sites for this training – near Paddington and Heathrow.

Retail Management – this is a 9-12 month placement where you’ll work in one of the M&S stores on a variety of different projects, from a seasonal launch to improving the way in which customers shop. You’ll be introduced to areas within the stores such as food, clothing and home and store operations whilst undertaking a structured learning programme.

Human Resources – this 18 month placement aims to give you a wide variety of experience and knowledge in this area. You will begin with 4 months learning about the retail business and then experience a number of different areas to give you a wide variety of examples of the type of roles and challenges that you will have to take on.

Logistics and Supply Chain – This can be up to 18 months’ where you will experience time in areas such as food, general merchandise and e-commerce businesses in order to give you a well-rounded understanding of how the business works. You will be required to have a supply chain, logistics or engineering related degree,

Marketing – During this 18 month placement you will gain experience in a large number of areas such as customer insight unit, design studio, brand management and product presentation, relationship marketing, international marketing, digital marketing and campaigns and events.

Property – This placement is 18 months of training and the department focuses on three areas – Property and Planning (plans, acquires and manages store portfolio), Store Development (oversees everything from fits to modernisations) and Facilities Management (looks after the operating and maintaining of the estate). You will rotate through these areas regardless of if you join property team or store development team in order to give you a wide variety of exposure to all areas before you refine your skills.

Design – During this 12-18 month training you will experience both the research and creative process. You will learn to build relationships with suppliers, understand how the clothes are made and gain knowledge whilst working alongside experienced teams.

Product Technology – This is a 12-18 month placement where you will learn to combine practicality with creativity. You will be required to have a product engineering, material science or textile technology-related degree and you will work alongside designers, buyers and merchandisers.

Buying – This is a 12-18 month training placement where you will get the opportunity to help create products. This will prepare for a role as an assistant buyer and you will gain experience in briefing designers and negotiating prices as well as launching new ranges.

Merchandising – Throughout this 12-18 month placement you will experience all aspects of this area of the business whilst being led by the professionals who make up the team. You will be required to have an analytical or business-related degree.

Food Technology – This is a 3 year training where you master the subject. You will learn to ensure food product safety, legality and quality. You will also influence new products, working closely with a buyer and product developer as well as suppliers. You’ll need a science or food-related degree and will become a Food Technologist at completion.

Food Buying – This lasts for 18-24 months and you will learn a lot during this time about strategic buying and cost negotiation. You have the opportunity to spot new buying opportunities and learn new trends whilst working closely with the good technology and development departments.