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Civil Service Assessments

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The Civil Service is a public sector organisation whose work is influenced by the policies passed in UK Parliament. The work civil servants carry out, across all industries, is integral to supporting communities throughout the UK and beyond. To ensure the best candidates are recruited, the civil service carries out a fair and thorough application process including online testing, assessments and interviews.

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Civil Service management judgement test

Similar to the (CSJT), the Civil Service management judgement test is, you guessed it, specific to management positions. The test focussed on an individual’s decision making regarding the day to day management of colleagues. This is done using 15 hypothetical workplace scenarios that are presented in video and text format, you then have to select the action you are most likely to take, and the one you are least likely to take.

The Civil Service focus on five key behavioural areas to identify strong management candidates. You need to demonstrate you are collaborative, decisive, empathetic, confident and agile to achieve a high score.

Civil Service work strengths test

The Civil Service work strengths test comes in several formats and the one you receive has been selected to discover what you do well and what motivates you. For junior positions, the tests focus on strengths such as being analytical, a team player, organised, and adaptable. Whereas senior positions are also measured on their leadership, resilience, strategic mindedness and influence.

All tests are delivered in three parts. Part One is a self-assessment of your typical preferences at work. Part Two, workplace scenarios, just like the (CSJT). Finally part three, similar to the management judgement test, you advise on what actions are most and least likely to take in a given situation.

Customer service skills test

If you are applying for a role that is user or community-facing for the Civil Service, you’ll be required to complete a customer service skills test. This will assess a candidate’s ability to manage difficult customers, judgement concerning a range of situations encountered in the Civil Service specifically, and work accurately under timed conditions.

This is a three-part test, the first two sections following the same format as CSJT’s and management judgement tests, just with a focus on customer interactions. However, the third section is timed. Candidates are given 10 minutes to complete an error checking assessment, review customer data and identify errors and input the correct data.

Casework skills test

A Casework skills test is specific to this profession and focuses on a candidate’s comprehension - being able to process information from a wide range of sources and analyse them effectively. Situational judgement and attention to detail are also highly sought after skills for a caseworker to possess.

The first part of this assessment is similar to the CSVT in that candidates are given a range of written material, in this case, various correspondence from multiple sources, along with a statement. Candidates are required to identify if the statement is true, false or cannot say. The second part of the test follows the same structure as CSJT’s and the third the same as the timed customer service skills test.


Following your online assessments, there are a few ways you could be progressed through the recruitment process, but first, the Civil Service go through a process referred to as ‘Sifting’ which involves a panel, usually a mix of hiring managers and HR representatives, reviewing your application and test scores to decide whether you are suitable to be shortlisted for the final stages.

If you are successfully shortlisted you’ll likely be invited to an interview, this could be a video or in-person meeting. You can expect to be asked a mix of technical and behavioural questions as well as why you want to become a Civil Servant. (Remember to prepare to have a purposeful answer for that one.) And you may even have to deliver a supporting presentation as part of your interview. This will showcase a technical proficiency for the role you are applying for, but show off your personality throughout as well.

Alternatively, you may be invited to an assessment centre day which lasts around 4 hours and consists of a group exercise, leadership exercise, written exercise and final selection board, which is a panel interview. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your employability and enthusiasm for joining the Civil Service.

Whatever route you take, your application will be considered one last time before being advised as to whether you have got the job or not. The Civil Service encourages all applicants to ask for advice, regardless of the outcome to aid in future career development.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Civil Service. We provide preparation services for Civil Service psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

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