Whether you are interested in pursuing your career in finance, business, data analysis, software engineering or media Bloomberg might be your port of call. It employs nearly 19,000 people in 176 locations around the world,  who work together on products and solutions that are needed in the 21st century.

You can mix with Bloomberg by applying for one of the internships, Graduate Programmes or a junior Full-Time Position role.


Bloomberg Application Process

There are 3 stages of the Bloomberg Application Process:

Stage 1: Online Application

Stage 2: Telephone/ Face to Face Interview/ Video Interview

Stage 3: Assessment Centre  (Only for some roles)


Bloomberg Psychometric Tests

No psychometric tests are used in the Bloomberg recruitment process and the process itself varies considerably from role to role, with only some using the assessment centre as part of the selection process.

Bloomberg Interviews

Interviews at Bloomberg are the key components of the Application Process and usually differ significantly depending on the graduate role you are applying for.

Bloomberg Telephone Interview –  Telephone interviews can be daunting. Especially, when someone lacks the confidence to talk to strangers on the phone. The awareness of this conversation being the first interaction with someone from the Bloomberg team only makes it even more stressful. So it’s important to know how to snap out of that nervousness.

It’s a blunt thing to say, but as you might know, the only way to overcome this is to prepare beforehand. You need to take advantage of the time given, rather than approaching this as a casual conversation.

The Bloomberg Telephone Interview can take up to 1 hour, and usually, it involves standard competency and personality questions as well as basic economics and technical questions.

Bloomberg Online Video Interview – If everything went well, and the talent acquisition team at Bloomberg who has been reviewing your Online Application Form is happy with the result of your Application you would be invited for an online video interview.

Bloomberg Online Interview can take two formats. First is a standard question and answer evaluation. Questions will appear on the device on your screen and you will have a limited time to answer. If you need an advice – don’t just list your skills, try to find a variety of examples to prove them.

In the first case scenario, there will be no human being present listening to your answers, so you might find it a bit more easy-going than a regular interview, however, it might be useful to get comfortable with a camera presence beforehand!

The second type of Bloomberg Online Interview – is a chat with a people from the company asking you questions. They will be related to your work history, skills and experience but also will try to assess your knowledge needed for the role you are applying for.


Bloomberg  Face to Face Interview

This usually is a mix of technical and standard behavioural interviews. Candidates might be expected to take up to three interviews. Knowledge questions will match the role of your interest and the skills you have outlined in your Application Form.

If you’d like to apply for the Bloomberg Graduate Programme , you can do so on the Bloomberg careers site.


Application Process

Stage 1: Online Application
Stage 2: Telephone/ Face to Face Interview/ Video Interview  
Stage 3: Assessment Centre






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