top 10Practice as many questions before your assessment. The more psychometric aptitude test questions you practice the more your speed, accuracy and confidence will improve. Improving these factors will help you improve your performance.

Practice in exam conditions. When you practice for your assessment do so in the same conditions in which you will be sitting your real aptitude test. This is probably in quiet conditions at a table.

Concentrate on the aptitude test questions you find the hardest during practice. Everyone likes doing things they’re good at but by concentrating on your weakest areas you’ll improve your overall score much more. If you find currency or timetable questions the hardest, for example, concentrate on practicing those.

Stick to timings. Don’t spend a disproportionate amount of time on one question. Work out roughly how much time you have per question before you start each test and then try to roughly stick to those timings. Remember the easiest questions might not be at the start of the test.

Use your own calculator and have rough paper when you practice. This point again relates to emulating the conditions and resources you’ll have in your actual psychometric test. Get familiar with the tools you’ll be using in your real assessment.

Don’t get other people to help you if you’ve been asked to sit an online test. Remember this will be against the terms and conditions of your application to the Company you are applying for and they may retest you when you go for your interview.

Practice often. You’ll perform your best if you keep your knowledge fresh in your mind so remember to practice as many questions as possible as often as possible.

Believe you can pass. If you practice efficiently and effectively for your psychometric aptitude tests, doing as many questions as possible before your real assessment then you have a good chance of passing.

Don’t be complacent. There are up to 50 applicants per place for large graduate schemes, your competition will be prepared for their psychometric tests so make sure you are too. Even if you are scoring high marks in your psychometric tests by practicing you could increase those scores and really differentiate yourself from the competition.

Practice, practice, practice – it’s the first top tip we gave and by far the most important, this is the key to performing your best in your psychometric aptitude tests.

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