Logical Reasoning Tests constitute a vital part of almost every competitive exam and is allocated considerably higher marks than other tests. However, most people find it difficult to pass Logical Reasoning Tests. In this section, we debunk this perception by showing that Logical Reasoning Tests aren’t as bad as you think.

Appropriate approaches to solve Logical Reasoning Tests

In most cases, Logical Reasoning Tests have about three to five options from which you are supposed to pick the right answer. Logical Reasoning Tests can be easy with practice and application of the right strategy. One of these strategies that can be used is the elimination method. The method involves getting rid of incorrect options, one at a time from the answer-list provided until you are left with the correct one. To achieve this, you need to simplify the provided data. It is important to note that most Logical Reasoning questions do not normally have straight forward information, thus, you should find useful information yourself. Reading through the question more than once will enable you to filter crucial information necessary to find come up with the eliminate the wrong options and ultimately get the correct answer. Once the information contained in a question is simplified, you can ignore the rest and proceed to solve it.

Another way to solve Logical Reasoning Tests with ease is by employing the graphical approach. Some logical reasoning questions tend to be swamped with plenty of information designed to confuse you. Handling such a question will require you to attempt putting the relevant information in a graphical, Venn diagram, or a table format based on the nature of the question. Representing a logical question in this format will give you a clear perspective of the information presented and make it easy to come up with the right answer.


By applying the above strategies, it will be easy to score highly in the Logical Reasoning Tests, and this will boost your logical skills. Finally, the numerous Logical Reasoning Tests accessible online can considerably help you to improve your understanding of the various skills tested by such tests. Practicing using these free Tests can greatly improve your ability to get high scores in the Logical Reasoning Tests.