Which is the Smartest Country in the World?

Which is the smartest country in the world? To answer this global question we chose not to count the number of famous bright minds or Nobel prize winners from this or that land. Instead, we relied on our test takers - regular people that actually make up a nation. We studied thousands of psychometric test results measuring cognitive skills and aptitudes of people from all around the globe. Looking closely at these numbers we can now reveal, just which country is the smartest.

Which countries are the best with numbers?

We learn math pretty early on at school for a reason. From counting the change in a grocery store to making complex calculations at work, we all apply these skills daily to some extent. Setting aside advanced calculus and trigonometry that are only marginally important for most people, the essential math knowledge can be tested fairly well with numerical reasoning tests.

Belgium are the world’s best number-crunchers with an average score a whopping 91%

Our research showed that the best calculators come from Belgium. Test-takers from this country tend to score 91% on average. Canada and Poland shared second place with an average of 86% and 85% of correct answers. Other countries tend to fall between between 65-76%. Yet, perhaps surprisingly considering their level of development, Australians and Singaporeans fell some way behind averaging only 51% and 52% respectively.

Which countries are the best at communicating?

Understanding what you have been told and interpretation of crucial information is one of the essentials of day-to-day life. Especially in the times when our surroundings are overflowing with information. Thus, we went through the results of verbal reasoning tests to claim which country is better at language, communication, word concepts and comprehension.

Communication must be quite the issue in Brunei with an average score of just 40%

Yet again Belgium scored the highest results of 77% of correct answers. However, Polish people didn’t tail away to far and showed 74% on average. The overall range for other countries was between 51% and 61%. The biggest problems with communicating fell on the small country of Brunei. Its inhabitants managed to score only 40% in verbal reasoning tests.

Which countries are the most logical?

Flexible logical thinking is a fundamental criteria of intelligence. Initially, logical skills were necessary for survival - the ability to make deductions and learn by recognizing the pattern of actions used to help smarter humans survive. Today the demands for logical fitness surpass remembering to not eat that berry that killed your tribe-mate, but the fundamentals of this cognitive skill are the same. The results of logical reasoning tests we scanned offer some insight into which nation is the most logical in their thinking.

If you like logical thinkers, you’ll love Poland whose inhabitants scored a leading 91% success rate

The upcoming generation of “new Sherlocks” appeared to come from Poland. Citizens of this country scored 92% in logical reasoning tests. Right behind them are the test-takers from Hong Kong, Belgium, and Singapore. They gave 82% to 81% of correct responses. The other countries fall anywhere from 54% to 74% on the score chart. The only country that has some major issues with logical thinking is Russia. With the success rate of 38%, the Russians fell some way behind all overs tested.

So, who is king of the hill?

Our winner is the country that got the highest overall total score in all types of cognitive skills tests. Excelling at just one, isn’t enough.

And the first prize goes to Poland, with the success rate of 84%!

Belgium is breathing down the Polish neck as it scored only 1% less and got 83%. The general trend among other countries is to give between 77% and 60% of correct answers. However, there are some countries that lag behind. The residents of Brunei, Australia, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand scored only 54%-57% in total.

Code Country Numerical Verbal Logical Overall
PL Poland 85 74 92 84
BE Belgium 91 77 81 83
HK Hong Kong SAR 83 66 82 77
ZA South Africa 83 62 72 72
CA Canada 86 50 73 70
VN Vietnam 78 60 67 69
IN India 71 61 73 68
GB United Kingdom 77 61 67 68
NO Norway 76 53 69 66
CH Switzerland 76 61 59 65
AE United Arab Emirates 76 51 69 65
SG Singapore 52 61 81 65
DE Germany 70 60 63 64
US United States 62 52 71 62
EG Egypt 68 55 58 60
RU Russia 81 61 38 60
BN Brunei 81 40 50 57
AU Australia 51 46 74 57
SA Saudi Arabia 65 51 54 56
NZ New Zealand 66 44 54 54