Which is the Best University in the UK?

Psychometric tests are a universal instrument for assessing a person’s cognitive skill set. Also known as aptitude tests, they became a highly popular part of the recruitment process for a good reason. They allow employers to scan their potential workers for specific skills, cognitive abilities, and overall professional attitude. We've been through thousands of aptitude test results with one question in mind - which is the best university in the UK? We have gathered the data on the students from 15 of the top UK universities and compared them according to the students’ performance in psychometric tests.

Which university students are the best with numbers?

First in our list come students who are the best in handling math-based problems. Here we used the results from numerical reasoning tests. This type of assessment requires test-takers to solve tasks involving calculus, graphs, and mathematical equations.

Oxford has a strong lead when it comes to maths with students scoring an extremely high average of 89%

Oxford leads this race with the best score of 89% of correct answers, leaving far behind their long-time competitor, Cambridge. The students of the latter institution, by the way, gave only 69% of right answers. Other major universities showed a similar trend in scoring from 75 to 80%. Mathematics appeared to be an Achilles’ heel for the graduates of the University of Kingston who managed to give the smallest number correct answers - 64%.

Which university students are the best with language?

Verbal reasoning tests are designed to show how good is a person at understanding the concepts described in words. Simply put, the results of these assessments are to reveal which students are better at analyzing massive verbal data and have good critical thinking. The majority of universities showed a median score of 60% to 65%. However, contrary to other graduates, students from the University of Wolverhampton stood tall with 78% of positive answers. Oxford stood out once more by taking the second place with 71%.

If you meet a brilliant communicator, the chances are they went to the University of Wolverhampton!

Which university students are the best with logical thinking?

To find out which students have the sharpest logical thinking we have compared the results of logical reasoning tests. To pass these tests, one has to analyse various patterns and sequences, as well as excel at shape-based questions which require a logical approach to complete them.

When you think Harper Adams, think an incredibly logical bunch

Our data analysis yielded the following results: the most level-headed students graduated from the University of Harper Adams. They got the highest average score - 75%. The rest of the universities failed to reach the benchmark of 70% of correct answers. The worst levels of logical thinking were demonstrated by the graduates of Kingston and Nottingham Universities who averaged only 51% of correct answers.

So, which is the best university?

Judging from our data on cognitive skills assessment, we can now reveal which is the best university!

With strong results across the board, Oxford is officially the best university in the UK.

The University of Oxford gets the gold showing the average score of 77%. Its superiority in numerical reasoning backed by the above average levels in the other two tests makes this university number one. The second place is shared by Wolverhampton and Harper Adams Universities with an average of 72% followed by UCL and Durham University with 71%. Surprisingly, taking into account the university’s prestigious status, Cambridge students scored only 67% in total which is below the median score. However, the real issues with aptitude tests, according to our findings, have the graduates from Kingston. On average, they got only 56% of the answers right.

University Numerical % Verbal % Logical % Average %
Cambridge 69 66 65 67
Cass 83 62 65 70
Durham 85 65 64 71
Glasgow 79 62 69 70
Harper Adams 82 60 75 72
Imperial 83 65 64 70
Kingston 64 53 51 56
Leeds 80 63 66 70
Leicester 76 58 58 64
Liverpool 81 62 64 69
Nottingham 80 62 51 64
Oxford 89 71 70 77
UCL 79 65 70 71
Westminster 80 55 64 66
Wolverhampton 79 78 60 72